Four things to like about Mondays

Belle likes to educate me.

“Do you want to hear some facts?” she asked me in the car yesterday. The tone was casual but the implication was ‘I’m not sure your general knowledge is good enough.’

“Sure,” I said.

So, she began to tell me all about different phobias. She had been looking apparently for the official name for her phobia of being eaten by animals in the night but, funnily enough, she couldn’t find it. Instead she told me the name of the ‘fear of getting out of bed in the morning’. I couldn’t remember it today so googled it, but couldn’t find anything. I suspect she made up the whole conversation just to plant the seed that her not being able to get out of bed and go to school is a medical condition.

As much as I dislike getting out of bed and as gloomy as the sky is looking this morning, I am making an effort at the moment to actively have a more positive attitude to things, so have come up with four things I like about Monday morning.

Reasons to like Monday

Monday mornings are a fresh start

Like a mini New Year every single week. I like this because although I quite often have ideas for new things I want to try, or new ways I want to behave, I lack a little in the willpower and commitment department. Every Monday then I have a fresh chance to say to myself ‘This week I will definitely start eating more fruit/getting thinner/working harder/getting out of bed earlier’ etc etc.

I have the house back to myself

I love Belle, of course I do, but there is still something nice about that Monday morning feeling when she has left for school, I’ve made a second cup of tea, and can take a nice deep breath without her criticising how noisy my breathing is. (She doesn’t actually do that, but there is definitely a ‘walking on eggshells’ element to any relationship with a 12 year old girl. Sometimes she wants to hug me, sometimes I sense only a light stabbing would truly satisfy her.)

Monday is the least rainy day of the week

I just read it on the internet so it must be true. Apparently some people believe it’s because of lower levels of man-made pollution over the weekend. (Note to self: Tell Belle this fact so she doesn’t think I’m so much of an idiot.)

I have ALL WEEK to get things done

That’s ages isn’t it? No rush really then, I could just go back to bed for an hour or so…

What helps you get out of bed in the morning?


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