The four secret ingredients of the perfect cake

Let’s be clear, I’m not talking literal ingredients here. We all know those are butter and sugar and what not. I’m talking about the cakey qualities that set a truly great cake apart from an ordinary cake.

(I like to tackle the serious issues of our time.)

To demonstrate my point I am using a selection of the new cake squares from Kate’s Cakes. Kate’s Cakes are available in Tesco and wholesale, should you have a small business that you are looking to cake right up. As you know I take my work very seriously, so I am going about this properly:

Kate's Cakes


I’m putting this one first not because it is the most important but because the cakes are at this point still in their packets. As you can see, Kate’s cake squares are individually wrapped, making them perfect for lunchboxes. Of course none of these will ever end up in Belle’s lunchbox as I shall be putting one in each of my handbags and a couple in the car’s glove box in case of emergency.

Kate's Cakes


We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or a cake by its frosting, but we do eat with our eyes and it’s hard to salivate over a cake that just looks a mess. It would be like the time I made the infamous ‘purple pie’, trying to use up some leftover red cabbage. It was really very hard to convince the children it was going to be tasty. (It wasn’t.)

I shall let you be the judge of this one. Take a look at the picture below of the chocolate fudge cake. Is your mouth watering?

Chocolate fudge cake


This is the key. I cannot stress this enough. Moistness is absolutely essential in a cake. A dry cake is a disgrace, a pointless waste of good calories. Having taken a nibble of both the chocolate fudge and lemon drizzle squares (purely in the name of research) I can reassure that moistness is not an issue here.

The lemon drizzle cake is divine, the sugar crystals flavoursome and deliciously crunchy. The chocolate fudge cake is as squishy and sweet as you could possibly want.

Kate's Cakes

Calorie free

This is the dream isn’t it?


Unfortunately no one has yet to invent a calorie free cake. However, because Kate’s Cakes cake squares come in little packets you do instinctively eat less – there is far more shame somehow involved in opening five individual squares of cake than just cutting a big slice from a large cake.

What qualities do you look for in a great cake? Do you have a favourite?

Kate's Cakes

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