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Now it’s December I can officially start talking about Christmas without getting evil looks from all the scrooges out there. Hoorah!

Not that I haven’t been talking about it or thinking about it for weeks if not months already, but now it’s socially acceptable so I don’t just have to do it in my head.

At home things have been festive for a while. Candles have been lit, Baileys has been drunk and robin wrapping paper has been made. (Instructions for this coming soon.)

Robin wrapping paper

If you’re not really a crafty person but love the idea of making your own wrapping paper, you’re going to love

I’m listening. What’s is a really cool new tool that turns your photos into wrapping paper. You can use photos from your computer or link up to your Facebook or Instagram account and choose from there. You can create sheets of wrapping paper or a whole roll, it’s totally up to you.

What’s really lovely about the idea is that you can create different designs and themes for different people and occasions; baby pictures for grandparents, festive snaps for Christmas, hilarious night out photos for friends’ birthdays – I’m sure you can think up plenty more creative ideas than me. It’s really easy to use and you get the chance to preview your paper and add and takeaway photos before you commit.

It’s really fun!

Personalised wrapping paper

Dog wrapping paper

In fact I think the design process could well be just as much fun as actually getting the finished paper. I have certainly  spent more time than was strictly necessary playing with the website this morning. You can use up to 30 photos to create your design, but say that using 10 makes a nice pattern – you can experiment with the number of photos you use though to see what different patterns you can make. I had a sample sent to me and can safely say the quality of the paper is excellent too.

You can follow on Instagram and Twitter to pick up some more design ideas.

How do you make presents more personal?

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  1. ema j lowe
    2 December, 2014 / 5:43 pm

    What a fab idea, love it

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