How do you compare to Mr and Mrs Average?

A while ago you may remember I asked you how often you had had sex in the last month after reading a report that showed the average to be far fewer than I had thought. It’s kind of comforting, being able to see how everyone else is (quite literally) making out and realising you’re doing alright really.

Today then, in the definitely very healthy spirit of seeking personal validation by comparing myself to others, I took a test to see how my lifestyle matched up to other women.

You can take it here if you fancy it.

The test highlighted a few issues for me, issues I’m very aware of but basically too lazy to do anything about.

Firstly, I do very little exercise. I’ve been to a few netball sessions in Taunton since I moved but have found it hard to stick with. Work and other things have got in the way and I don’t feel the same sense of camaraderie as I did with my team back in Bristol. I know that takes time though, so this is definitely something I need to make more of a commitment to.

I do try to make the effort to walk more than I might normally feel inclined to do, but I need to get sweaty.


Not cool

The other thing it made me think about was my lack of consistency. This applies to pretty much every aspect of my life, from my parenting and emotional well-being to how I manage my workload, but it is always very noticeable when faced with a quiz that asks me the average of anything.

How many portions of fruit and vegetables do I eat a day on average?

Well. Today I have eaten an apple and a banana already, and made soup, and I am generally being very wholesome. Other days I find it’s 5pm and all I’ve eaten is crumpets. It’s the same with drinking – how many units on average do I drink in a week? This week it has been barely anything at all, but that’s because a couple of weekends ago I would have tipped the scale at 15+ in one night and that is really not very OK.

I am the classic middle-aged, middle-class binge drinker (and binge fruit eater.)

How do you compare to Mr and Mrs Average? Are you as up and down as me or do you aim for everything in moderation? 


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  1. 24 November, 2014 / 3:04 pm

    Ah yes, I am also in the inconsistent group. And a fair weather exerciser, I can exercise every day in the summer but struggling with twice a week in this crappy weather.x

  2. 25 November, 2014 / 3:38 pm

    Ha. My body shape is bang on with Mrs Average up there!! ;)

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