Competition – win tickets to see Tom Moran, author of Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers, at the Taunton Literary Festival

Do you ever wonder what it might be like to be able to travel through time? Where would you go?

I’ve always fancied getting to visit the (relatively) recent past – perhaps I’d experience the decadence of the roaring twenties and throw myself into a crazy weekend long party, Great Gatsby style, or maybe I’d see first hand how I’d fare in the blitz. (I suspect I would struggle with rationing.)

Chuck in a bit of a murder mystery (solving a mystery Nancy Drew style is on my list after all) and you’ve basically got my dream job – a sort of super human Poirot. Add in the fact that the time travel comes about as the result of eating a magical cheese and you’ve almost got the plot of a book.

Oh hang on…

Dinosaurs and prime numbers


Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers by Tom Moran IS THAT BOOK and it is fantastic. I laughed out loud, a lot, and not just in that manic way I do sometimes when I am home alone and things feel a bit much – it’s genuinely funny and the plot is beautifully constructed. I liked it so much in fact that on Monday evening I shall be going to meet Tom Moran as part of the Taunton Literary Festival, and now you can too! Hoorah!

To win two tickets to see Tom on Monday 10th in Taunton just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. It’s a bit of a local competition obviously so if you do know anyone in the Taunton area who you think might be interested then please do share this giveaway with them.

Good luck!

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