6 things to think about when travelling with kids

As you may have noticed in my post last week, on June 18th I will be co-hosting a Twitter party with Gocompare.com all about travelling with kids. Gocompare.com will be providing the expert knowledge, hints and tips and I’ll be on hand to share my own hilarious anecdotes and to chuckle knowingly at tales of travel disasters with small children on long car journeys. There are prizes too. It’s all good.

To get you in the mood and inspire your questions, (submit them in advance for a chance to win £20 to spend at Boots), I thought I’d share six quick conversation starters; essentials to think about when travelling with kids.


First up, who is going on your holiday? There is a lot to be said for keeping it simple, but actually when your family is young it can be nice to share the burden and have other friends and family around. There are plenty of options for large groups, such as camping or splitting the cost of a large holiday property.


Bit of a key one this. From my experience, I’d say that with toddlers it’s always best to keep travel to a minimum if you can, so don’t rule out holidaying in the UK. We live in an amazingly diverse country and there is plenty to see. Ask friends with kids for recommendations for family friendly destinations and accommodation.


Car? Boat? Plane? How to get there is just as important as where you go when it comes to travelling with kids. Think in advance about the journey, make plenty of allowances for stoppage time and make sure you pack lots of snacks. (And possibly a small hip flask.)


Next question, what do you take? The temptation is to say ‘everything’ but this isn’t always practical. If you’re travelling by car it might be worth cramming in as much as possible but if you’re flying, weight is an issue so think carefully and make lists. Don’t forget the essentials too like up to date passports and insurance.


If your kids are preschool age then do make the most of it if you can and travel in term time. Not only will you save a whole load of money, but it will also be a lot quieter.


Good question. Seriously though, as stressful as it might feel at the time, holiday memories really are precious and children can be a lot more flexible than you imagine when it comes to travel. Good planning and a family friendly location are key, as are a good dollop of patience and an excellent sense of humour. Good luck!

Gocompare Twitter party

It’s really easy to get involved in the chat, all you have to do is follow me – @mummyblogger – and @Gocompare, and join us at 8pm on June 18th, using the hashtag #gocomoneytalks. We’ll be giving away two £50 Boots vouchers during the chat, but there is also the opportunity to win prizes before the chat even starts – simply send your questions in advance via Twitter (don’t forget to tag @mummyblogger and @Gocompare and to use the hashtag) and you could win one of four £20 Boots vouchers.

See you on the 18th!

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