A very royal summer

I watched I Want To Marry Harry this week. Have you seen it?

It was kind of intriguing. Basically this gaggle of American beauties are locked up in a house, Big Brother style, with a man who may or may not be Prince Harry. (He isn’t. That’s not a spoiler – the girls are the only ones who don’t know.) He hasn’t explicitly said he is Prince Harry, but the idea is that he avoids direct questions at the same time as trying to make them believe he is. He looks pretty like him, although I feel they should have dyed his eyebrows as well as his hair.

The show had an extra dimension for me, as I have just reread The Queen and I, so I was half imagining the Queen living on a council estate and Harry as a boy being rolled around in an old car tyre.

Of course all the girls are beside themselves at the thought of potentially dating a Prince; the Royals are big business since Kate and George reintroduced an element of style to proceedings. In fact I was actually on the radio recently with the author of What Kate Wore, discussing whether or not it is OK to spend £75 on a pair of dungarees for a baby. (I said no.)

This is a big month for the Royals too – the Queen’s birthday, Royal Ascot, and of course on July 22 Prince George will be celebrating his first birthday! My money is on him wearing something suitably glam for the occasion.

To mark the occasion, 888ladies are hosting a very special night of bingo with prizes worth a total of £8,888 – more than enough to keep Prince George wannabes  in dungarees. Of course you may be busy at the royal birthday party but if your invitation has got lost in the post make a date with 888ladies instead. The game starts at 9.30pm on July 22nd and you can pre-buy your tickets in advance.

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  1. 13 June, 2014 / 10:18 am

    I didn’t watch it. The adverts looked intriguing but silly not. Ok, I like designers so I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t buy expensive dungarees again. But when you’ve had your own you sure do realise how much of a waste it is.

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