Red Candy review – stainless steel soap and stick-on blackboards

My sister Annabel is back! Following her Galt Toys review she’s now talking stainless steel soap and chalkboard walls…

It first needs to be known that I am hideously indecisive. Just leaving the house takes me longer than the average human (much to the exasperation of friends and family) as I dither. About. Everything. Size of decision is not an issue, should we move house/have more children or do I eat cereal/yoghurt/both for breakfast. It does not matter, I agonise for longer than is healthy about what is the best option.

This indecision has not been useful during the recent renovation of our house. As diligent readers of Joey’s will be aware, I now live in my grandparents former home and our major structural changes to the kitchen brought her to tears. So, she very kindly passed me some items for said kitchen from Red Candy.

One of said items is a nice tool for the indecisive amongst us – a stick-on blackboard. Yes. Stick on. Great because I can write adorable love notes to my partner; ‘we need more toilet roll’, ‘avoid cat poo on drive’, but the best thing for me is that you can remove it and put it somewhere else without leaving any marks/hook holes, etc.


stick on blackboard chalkboard poster

I did not have to ponder endlessly the best position for it (although I still did, just a little bit…). The children loved it too as, well, they got to draw on the wall, nothing further need be said. It was easy to stick up and a useful addition to the disorganised chaos that is our lives.

Secondly, ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, ‘Amanda’.

*small ripple of applause*.

stainless steel soap

“What is it Mummy?”

“Soap,” I say.

Much laughter rings out from the children, my son being sure it is a toy for them to play with.

“No, really, it’s a special metal soap”. I am not sure who I was trying to convince more. The principle behind Amanda is that the stainless steel ‘soap’ neutralises any strong odours on your hands, used just like a normal soap under running water.

I am a heavy user of garlic. A cruel addiction leaving me socially repellent and easy to recognise at a hundred paces. Also, I am not a natural cook. I am bemused by anyone claiming to find cooking ‘therapeutic’ – it induces me toward therapy – and I had managed for a large portion of my life to only live with people that were willing to cook for me. However, having had to take on the role of chef in the household once I went on maternity leave (that five years later I am yet to return from) I have found myself starting every meal with garlic in the pan. Any other ingredients follow regardless.

As a consequence of my affliction Amanda has been brought in to my life. The plan being that she reduces the odour that loiters around me and thus makes me more bearable amongst others. I really wanted this to work and Amanda did do her best; I would say she was better than traditional soap but there was definitely still more than a hint of garlic after vigorous washing. Best results were using her in conjunction with the soap. It is a lovely design which is enough to allow Amanda to hold her position sink side even though the children remain convinced it must be a toy for them.

Now, I just have to decide which side of the sink should I leave it on…

Disclosure – Annabel was sent these products by Red Candy for the purposes of this review.



  1. 25 February, 2014 / 4:17 pm

    I love the look of these products especially the stick on chalk board.

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