How do you choose a camera?

When I turned 35 in April this year I made a list, (or started it at least), of 40 things I wanted to do before I turned 40. I have only done three so far, so feel I need to crack on a bit.

One of them was ‘to learn to take a decent photo’, as I am really not very talented at all in the photography department. It is only recently that I have even begun to get my head around the rule of thirds and stopped lining up everything dead in the centre of every picture. I don’t have the steadiest hands either, so every photo I take has a very faint fuzziness about it.

I feel that before I can start taking awesome photos though, I really need to invest in a decent camera. Boyfriend did offer to buy me one for Christmas but I do really like getting lots of little surpises for Christmas, so decided that I would buy one in the January sales instead. (If the January sales are even a thing any more and it isn’t all just year round online voucher codes and whatnot.)

The question though is what to buy?

I did wonder if something like the Sony Cyber-shot compact might be a good starting point for me – it’s compact, simple to use and has a super picture quality. You can’t go wrong really with something like that. Then I thought more about my resolution – ‘to learn to take a decent photo’ and wondered if that didn’t actually imply something a little more involved. It would be great to have a camera that did everything for you, but wouldn’t it be more satisifying to learn how to properly use something a little bit more complex?

I looked then at the Sony Cyber-shot professional compact as a next step up. This looks like a pretty good option to me. It has all the good stuff of the compact, in that you don’t have to lug a massive camera bag around and look silly, but with added techniess and DSLR style features – professional, yet simple they call it, which feels like a pretty good motto for life to me.

What do you reckon, do you have any tips for choosing a camera or taking decent photos? To get you started, here are ten…

Top 10 tips to take beautiful Christmas photographs - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

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  1. 17 December, 2013 / 5:45 pm

    All compact cameras say they have professional features, but really they all tend to do them same thing – take photos with little or no bokeh (background blur).

    I’m self-taught with my photography which took me quite a few years. However, if you want professional looking photos your best bet if a professional camera. Why not try an entry level DSLR? They’ve come down in price now so are affordable.

    To start off with, you can put the camera on full auto mode which will pick the shutter, aperture and ISO for you. As you get to grips you will start noticing a pattern, then you can graduate to semi-automatic where YOU can set either the shutter speed or aperture.

    I could probably give you a five minute crash course too. :)

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