A LEGO lunch box tour of London

I have Bee with me again today, taking her new LEGO lunch box and flask out with her during her first week of university. 

There’s no getting around the fact that being a student in London in pricey, however there are some useful habits a student should get into to save money where they can.

Eating out can eat into your budget – buying a meal deal everyday for 3 years will cost you approximately £3,285, which is enough to buy a used car or pay rent in halls for over 24 weeks. Therefore it’s important to take food with you when you’re going out for the day to avoid having to pay £3,000 for lunch.

No one wants to be the chump with the crusty old Tupperware box, so invest in a super cute lunch box to stay awesome while you al fresco.

I took my LEGO lunch box and flask out for the day in London to see if it was the right lunch box for me.

LEGO lunch box and flask

The LEGO lunch box and flask definitely pass the cuteness test.

LEGO lunch box and flask

The LEGO lunch box only has room for healthy snacks. Malibu = bad…

LEGO lunch box and flask

…peppers = good!

Both the box and flask are compact and an easy shape to fit in your bag, so you can use them anywhere, even on the tube.

LEGO lunch box and flask

(“That’s awesome, look at that!” said the man sat opposite me as I took the photo. His girlfriend did not seem so easily amused.)

LEGO lunch box and flask

Take your LEGO lunch box with you when you travel to visit your (or your lunch box’s) family and friends.

LEGO lunch box and flask

Pack your box and flask with tasty suppertime treats and have a romantic evening picnic on a cool statue.

We all make drunken mistakes sometimes, but at least you can have a sandwich while you fulfil your dare of getting a particularly tasteless vajazzle.

LEGO lunch box and flask

“This is going to sound odd, but can I please take a picture of my lunch box on your chair?” I ask the tattoo artist. “That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever been asked”, he replies, “Is that a euphemism?”

The LEGO lunch box and flask attracted a lot of positive attention – everywhere we went people gazed at it enviously. The lunch box is the perfect shape to fit in my bag and is easy to open and close again. The flask is also not too bulky and I particularly like that you can unscrew the bottom for easy cleaning. Both the box and the flask are adorable and I would highly recommend them for adventures around your city.

Bee was sent the LEGO lunch box and flask for the purposes of this review.



  1. 16 September, 2013 / 1:03 pm

    Look a bit style over substance to me, though undoubtedly cute and liable to get you comments from passing Lego fanatics. One may have been my son…

  2. Nicky Richards
    17 September, 2013 / 8:03 pm

    Brilliant post Bee xx

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