The art of wintering

The dog and I have been wintering. I read somewhere that in the winter we need an average of two hours more sleep a night and I immediately switched off my alarm. I love being in bed – who doesn’t? – and I didn’t need much convincing.

It’s been a huge change from the summer, when Mako was waking up at approximately 5.47am every day. As much as I felt smug about walking the dog at dawn, and found it useful to have the working day start before most people were awake, it was TIRING. Fortunately I happened about a solution accidentally.

One day I woke to the noise of Mako crying and instead of getting up, I snuck her into my bedroom past the cats on the landing. She came in and promptly went back to sleep. Over the course of the next week I kept letting her in, until I gave in and bought her a dog bed for my room, and we’ve not looked back. It turns out she didn’t want to be getting up at 5.47am either, she just missed me.

It’s been a game changer. We now have lovely lie-ins, I’m cosy in bed, she’s sprawled out either on the floor or on top of the duvet, taking up all of the space.

Dog sleep

My new duvet has helped a lot with the wintering vibe.

I’ve switched to a hybrid duvet from Simba and I am loving it. Yep, Simba don’t just do mattresses, they do duvets, bedding and pillows too. The hybrid duvet is perfect for people like me, who are freezing when they get into bed but then sweating by midnight and throwing off the covers like it’s the middle of July. (I blame hormones.)

My duvet has the Simba Renew Bio™ fill, which makes it super cosy but practical too. It has great breathability – ideal for the clammy, perimenopausal owners of large dogs – and the cotton outer layer has Simba’s clever Stratos® temperature control technology to make sure you don’t overheat. (I’m not sure what Stratos® technology is exactly, but you know something must be good when it has the little registered trademark symbol after it right?)

My duvet is one of the range of three hybrid duvets from Simba. Mine is the all rounder, but they also do a 3-in-1 version for more flexibility and a summer hybrid if you want something a little lighter.

Mako and I are waking up at about 9am at the moment and honestly we’re living our best lives. We’ve mastered the art of wintering.


My new duvet was a gift from Simba


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