How to make the most of your guest room

Getting on the property ladder at the moment is TOUGH, so if you already own a home and are lucky enough to have a guest room then you’ll want to make sure you’re making the most of the space. If you’re not having guests every single weekend then there are plenty of other ways to make use of the space. Let’s dive in and take a look at some ideas.

Keep décor simple

It’s a good idea to keep a guest room fairly neutral and not to clutter it up with too much furniture or shelves full of ornaments. Guests will want to have space for their own things and you don’t want any accidental breakages because you’ve filled the room with your china doll collection.

One way to keep the space to be as flexible as possible is by opting for zip and link beds instead of a standard double divan. Zip and link beds are perfect for a guest room as you can arrange them in different ways depending on who you’re hosting – keep them as a double if you want to or split into singles for kids.

bedroom ideas

Take in a lodger

If your spare room really is spare and you don’t need the space for entertaining regular guests then you could make some extra money by renting out the space to a lodger. This can feel like quite a commitment and safety may be a concern, so think it through carefully and ideally try to find a friend of a friend who comes with good recommendations.

Fancy the idea of making some cash from the room but don’t want the commitment of a full-time lodger? Try listing the room on Airbnb and renting it out just when you have it available.

Make it multi-purpose

Having a stranger in the house isn’t for everyone, so if you don’t need the room to bring in an income then the best way to make use of the space is to make it multipurpose.

Perhaps you could create a reading nook and library with a wall of shelving, or maybe you’ve got some space for exercise equipment? If you have any hobbies that you’d like to get organised then this could be a good opportunity. There are plenty of space saving ideas that you could incorporate, like a table for crafts that folds down from the wall when you need it.

We hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration! Do you have a spare room and how do you use it?





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