How to Design Your Bedroom Like a 5-Star Hotel Room

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The bedroom is the room in the house in which we spend more time than any other. It therefore makes sense to make it as calming and relaxing as possible. If you have expensive tastes, luxury will be a central consideration when it comes to designing your own bedroom. By paying heed to the following list of tips, anyone can achieve that luxury-hotel feel that we all wish to recapture in our own home having spent a weekend being pampered in a real hotel.


One of the tell-tale signs that a hotel room is top-of-the-range is the way in which it is lit. To make your own room feel special, try incorporating a dimmer switch to control low-wattage lightbulbs that give off light with a softer hue. Make use of tasteful bedside lamps and wall lighting to give the room that extra classy feel.


Achieving a sense of opulence in a room that is not the largest can take a bit of working out. Concentrate on making the most of the space available by choosing furniture that fits perfectly. Designate a space to put easy-chairs where you can sit back and read in pleasure. If you really want that hotel-feel, why not fit a mini-fridge complete with hotel-sized bottles of single malt? Having a couple of drinks before bed is sure not to put a dent in your budget the way going to town on the mini-fridge would in a real hotel would!


Try to develop a consistent colour scheme using a palette of neutral pastel colours for the paint and the furniture. Avoiding bold colours, and opting for a monochromatic colour scheme is your best bet and is sure to make sure that your room oozes class and style. If you do not possess an eye for colour, it may be a good idea to call in an interior designer to give you a hand with a suitable colour scheme. Alternatively, learn the craft through comprehensive courses from prestigious online institutions such as the National Design Academy.

Natural Light

Most expensive hotels are fitted with large sash windows that open out onto a balcony with an excellent view over the surrounding area. The reason for this is that they let in natural light and make the room feel light and airy. Make sure you choose some light curtains and keep them open as much as possible to let in sunlight.


Last but not least, the bed. The bed is the central feature of any bedroom, and no expenses should be spared in this department. Opt for a wooden frame and a comfortable sprung mattress over a divan. An ornate bed head is the cherry on the top – there is a range of fantastic bed heads online.

With a little bit of care and invention, even the drabbest room can be converted into a luxury bedroom that will give you the feeling that you are receiving the 5-star treatment every night. All it takes is the will to do it!


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