4 tips to help you choose a children’s bed

When Belle was little there was one very important criterion when it came to choosing her bed – would alligators be able to get into it? Alligators and crocodiles were one of her biggest fears (literally and figuratively) and so it was very important that her bed was sufficiently off the ground to deter reptilian visitors during the night. This is the bed she had for a long time. Nice and safe, although potentially a crocodile could nest underneath behind the curtain.

Your children may have less specific needs, so how do you go about choosing a bed for kids if they aren’t fussy about accessibility for escaped crocodiles? Here are a few tips to help you choose:

Ask your child

Well DUR you might think, but you’d be surprised at how many parents buy furniture for their children’s bedrooms without really asking them what they want. If your child has any imagination they’re likely to ask for something ridiculous like a bunk bed with a slide into a paddling pool, but who wouldn’t want that honestly – good for them for aiming high. If they’re not sure, try looking at pictures or browsing the kids’ beds at Better Bed Company for ideas.

How much space do you have?

It’s not always a question of the bigger the bedroom, the bigger the kids’ bed – you need to think about it more in terms of maximising space. In a very small room for example, you might be tempted to get a cabin bed or bunk beds to use height instead but a tall bed can feel overwhelming in a small bedroom and you might find it’s better to go with a very low bed. You could think about a toddler bed for a very small child, which wouldn’t be as long and so wouldn’t take up as much space.

Does it match the decor?

Kids might not be as fussy about having a scheme as such, but you still have to look at it, so you want the kids’ bed you choose to at least not look out of place. You don’t want to have to launch into an unplanned bedroom makeover just to make it fit. Consider the type of materials – wood, metal etc – as well as the colour and style. Keep it plain if you can and use bedding a cushions to add colour and pattern as these are much easier to update as tastes change.  Exploring a collection of kids beds with versatile styles can help you find a bed that harmonizes with the room’s aesthetics and offers adaptability as your child’s preferences evolve.

How long do you need the bed to last?

Not everyone thinks of this, but beds actually last a pretty long time, and the bed for a nine-year-old that you’re buying now will quickly become a bed for a teenager and said teenager might quite enjoy a double bed thank you and not a pink fairy bed complete with sparkles. If you want to be practical, choose a neutral bed that isn’t going to date quickly and invest in a double if you have the space. They’ll thank you later and you’ll thank yourself when you’re getting into it at 3am to comfort them after a crocodile-related nightmare.

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