How to look after your family’s tummies and not have to poop in a wheelie bin

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Do you believe in synchronicity? How about manifestation? Do you think it’s possible that I went to a festival last weekend, knowing that when I came back I was going to be writing a blog post about diarrhoea and so MADE IT HAPPEN? If you knew me in school, you might even believe I was swotty enough to give myself diarrhoea just to write about it authentically.

I assure you that I did not.

Bee told out family WhatsApp group that I gave myself diarrhoea by ‘eating a chicken pie that had been on the floor for three days’. This is not strictly true. The chicken pie was brought to the festival by one of the women I was camping with, frozen in slices and kept in a cool box. We then all ate slices of it on day three once it had defrosted. At no point was it on the floor.

I admit that when I say all of this out loud it doesn’t sound the most hygienic of circumstances, but then we also don’t know for sure that the chicken pie was the cause. Let’s just say that I was glad I was heading home on Sunday anyway as I am not sure the compost toilets were not the most reassuring of experiences. (I say compost toilets generously – they were really just a row of wooden huts with wheelie bins underneath and some token sawdust. I literally had diarrhoea in a wheelie bin.)

Rather stupidly, it actually took me 24 of being home, admittedly in a rather dishevelled and unfocussed state, to say ‘HANG ON A MINUTE… I have a whole load of diarrhoea medication in the kitchen ready for that blog post!’ Dur. I hurried to open a sachet immediately.

Enterosgel Kids

This blog post is really meant to be highlighting the Enterosgel range for kids though, so perhaps I had better shut up about my own ‘almost a shit storm in a sleeping bag’ incident for a minute to tell you about that. Enterosgel Kids is unique it that it’s the only clinically proven drug-free, safe, and effective diarrhoea relief for children. It’s an organic mineral and water composition that has a capacity to basically mop up all the nasties and transport them out of your body. It’s not absorbed, it’s just a clever sponge.Enterosgel Kids is tasteless and can be mixed with water so it’s very easy to give to children. The adult preparation is the same – a sort of colourless gel that you dissolve in warmish water. It is suitable for children from 0+ months, and pregnant women, so it’s a great option for families with young children.

Imagine for a moment if you will a family festival or summer camping trip with young children with diarrhoea, who perhaps lack the self-awareness or butt-clenching abilities to get to the compost loos on time. It’s not pretty is it? Slip a tube of Enterosgel Kids into your luggage whenever you go away and you’ll always be prepared for any kids travel poop emergencies. You can even take it every day while you’re away as a preventative measure.

At home it’s handy too – back to school is just around the corner and kids always pick up something ghastly as soon as they set foot in the playground, so it’s perfect as a stand-by for tummy bugs. Give it to your poorly patient from day one and the rest of the family can take it too, just in case.

And finally… You might find it handy to know that you can also use Enterosgel for IBS. Unlike loperamide that slows bowel movement and mabeverine-based products that relieve spasm, Enterosgel is completely drug-free and safe. It works simply by removing inflammatory molecules and other irritants that may be causing IBS symptoms.

So, how are my bowels holding up now? It’s the question on everybody’s lips I know. Surprisingly well so far. Once I’d remembered I had the Enterosgel and had taken a couple of doses, things definitely seemed to settle down. I was feeling much more like myself by Wednesday morning, while a friend who was at the festival with me was still on hourly dashes to the toilet. While this may not be a very big sample size, there is actual clinical research (more than two people) published in the British Medical Journal and GUT journal, showing that Enterosgel is safe and significantly reduces duration of diarrhoea.

If you’re travelling or camping with kids then I have two pieces of advice for you. One – pack some Enterosgel Kids, just in case, and two – avoid the chicken pie.

The NHS will soon be making Enterosgel available on prescription through GPs and gastroenterologists but for now you buy it at Boots, Well+, Amazon or Holland and Barrett.

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    I couldn’t help but have a giggle at this post!

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