Cleaning and Maintaining Sex Toys

Everyone wants to maintain their sex toys clean and sanitary, and doing so is simple with the appropriate approach and cleaning solutions.

Proper sex toy cleaning and storage may be the difference between your pleasure items lasting a lifetime and them falling apart after only a few uses, so keep reading to learn how to care for your valued toy collection.

The fundamentals of cleaning sex toys

To maintain maximum cleanliness, clean your sex toys before and after using them. All you need for cleaning is hot water, a high-quality sex toy cleaner (available from most adult shops), and a clean dry towel or kitchen roll.

Before we get into the specific regulations for each type of device, we will walk you through our basic cleaning procedure for sex toys. To clean toys, rinse them briefly and then spritz them with your preferred Sex Toy Cleaner. Allow it to sit for 30 seconds, then gently clean any tough spots (such as ridges or knobs) before washing the cleanser away with warm water.

To dry, you may either let your toys air dry on clean kitchen roll sheets or quicken their dry time by drying them with a clean towel.

By carefully cleaning and completely drying your toys, you will avoid dust and bacteria beginning to build up and keep your toys feeling and looking like new.

Cleaning a Vibrator

When it comes to motorized toys like vibrators, you want to avoid causing water damage that will prevent your toy from operating. The idea is to use a wet towel and sex toy cleaning or soap to clean the sex toy without immersing it in water.

How to Care for a Dildo

If your dildo is motorized (needs batteries or is charged), follow the same rules as for a vibrator: do not submerge it in water and just wipe it clean.

Non-motorized dildos made of non-porous materials, such as silicone, stainless steel, stone, or Pyrex glass, may be cleaned by submerging them in water.

How to Care for Anal Sex Toys

Cleaning anal sex toys may appear to need a more difficult process than cleaning sex toys used in the vagina, on the penis, or elsewhere. Anal sex toys, on the other hand, may be cleaned in the same way as regular devices: with warm water and a sex toy cleaner or mild soap. Just keep motorized anal gadgets out of the water.

How to Care for a Butt Plug

Butt plugs are the same as any other sex toy in that they can be cleaned with a sex toy cleaner or soap in the same way. Again, if it is motorized, avoid immersing it in water.

Cleaning Sex Toys with a Realistic Feel

Realistic-feel sex toys like high-end fleshlights are constructed from a combination of (typically trademarked) materials designed to feel as close to actual flesh as possible. To maintain realistic-feeling sex toys feeling smooth and supple rather than sticky, there is one more step to take (which you do not need for other types of toys).

To prevent that tacky feeling, dust your toy with cornflour or a renewer powder, then keep the clean toy separate from any others.



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