How to organise a great children birthday party for the summer season

Isn’t it delightful having some sunny weather at last? I’m so enjoying not needing to wear a coat and sitting outside in the evenings. Just bliss.

When it comes to kids’ birthday parties, I’ve always been lucky in that my daughters have their birthdays in July and August, so we’ve normally had good weather – perfect for summer birthday parties in the garden or days out with friends. If you’re planning a children’s birthday party this summer then I’ve got a few tips for you to help the celebrations go with a bang.

Decide who to invite

This can be tricky with kids as there is always the risk of upsetting people by leaving them out, so a lot of parents will go for a whole class party with younger children. The summer is perfect for this as you can put them all out in the garden or host something in the park.

The other option is to plan a day out instead with just a small group of best friends. This can feel far less stressful! Keep in mind that over the summer holidays a lot of families may be away on holiday and so the chances are that not everyone will be able to make your date.

Whoever you decide to invite, make them feel special by getting some nice printed invitations made and ask guests to RSVP. Make sure your party invites include all the important information, including any theme or fancy dress code, and your contact details.

Choose a theme

If you’re going for a big party then you may well decide to have a theme. Although it can feel like extra work, having a theme can actually be a useful focus and a way to make sure your decorations and party games all fit together well and create a cohesive experience for the kids. Your child will have plenty of ideas but if you’re stuck, try something like superheroes, Alice in Wonderland or a Beauty and the Beast themed party.

Beauty and the Beast themed party

Make sure all your guests are catered for

Once you know who’s coming, be sure to talk to their parents about any particular needs they might have. My daughter Belle for instance is autistic and scared of balloons. Children’s parties would have been a lot less stressful for her if the host had asked in advance and come up with some alternative decoration ideas!

It’s important to know about food allergies in advance too, or any dietary requirements you need to cater for.

Plan your food

Are you going to keep things simple and buy your party food in bulk from the supermarket, or will you be going the whole hog and making everything from scratch? For most people there will be a happy medium, which will likely mean spending some time on a centrepiece birthday cake and a few themed bits and pieces and then bulking things out with sandwiches and crisps.

No party is complete of course without party rings and if you have the time you could even have a go at making homemade party rings. The kids may not notice but the parents are sure to be impressed! If you are having parents stay for the party then don’t forget to throw on a few grown-up drinks and nibbles to keep everyone happy.

With a little bit of thought and planning your summer birthday party should be lots of fun for everyone!

homemade party rings


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