Reigniting Your Passion For Travel After Staying Home For So Long

Do you harbour a lot of wanderlust in your heart? You’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people want to go on big adventures every year, and we’ve all got that bucket list of dream destinations stashed in a drawer somewhere! But with the pandemic getting in the way, and while it was much safer to stay at home, those dreams have been dashed. 

Indeed, during that time some of us have even forgotten why we love travelling so much in the first place! But if you’re keen to reignite that passion this summertime, we’ve got some tips below that’ll help you find your way again. 

travel tips after covid

Dive into the Travel Community

Seeing as many people love to travel, you’ll be able to stumble across an online group with very little effort! Join as many as you like, as many as you find interesting, and make some friends in these circles. People who have been to the same places as you, or people who have visited dream destinations you’d like to know more about – ask questions, get chatting, and reignite that travel passion through a few good conversations. 

Pick a Country and Think About What You Could Discover

If you don’t have any plans to go somewhere at the moment, why not throw a dart at a board and let fate decide? Because every destination could be a great place to visit, and who knows what you might find there? 

A new food you love, art and music you’ve never experienced before, hospitality you can’t find anywhere else, and maybe even a new home! Heading off on an adventure could lead to an indefinite leave to remain application that’ll see you moving to an exciting new country you’ve quickly come to love. Indeed, the more you’re willing to let yourself try something new, rather than visit a same-old destination one more time, the easier your travelling passion will come back to you. 

Go on Some Day Trips

If you’re not up to travelling for long periods of time yet, don’t worry. You can slowly build your tolerance for it again by going on day trips in/around your own town or city. Get used to being on your feet again, especially in a train squashed up against other people, as well as sitting for hours without being able to stretch your legs. After a while, the memories will come flooding back! 

Revisit Some Memories

Speaking of memories, why not dig out some photos and think about the travels you’ve gone on in the past? Going over these memories and picking out the smallest details of what you enjoyed can help you to find this love again. Maybe it was walking on sandy beaches, or talking to other tourists, or witnessing nature in all its glory? Let yourself reminisce and you’ll soon be booking another trip. 

The pandemic caused many people to lose their spark for travelling. However, you can easily get it back using tips like these! 


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