Long-distance dating – how to make it work

Did you know that more than 91% of people have been in a long-distance relationship? Thanks to the internet and improved communication, more and more people are managing to maintain a relationship with someone who lives further away.

But does that makes things easier? The reality of long-distance relationships is that they can be challenging, and when you factor in unexpected events like the pandemic, these types of relationships can be even harder to maintain. So what’s the secret behind a successful one? Let’s take a look.

long distance dating tips

Make the time

When your partner isn’t physically present day to day, you need to make sure you make some time for them. It’s easy for the rest of your schedule to take over, leaving you and your partner feeling unconnected.

Make the time for calls, texts and even letters or emails – having regular contact is important and even if you just ask how their day is going or what they’ve been up to, you can help maintain that regular contact that’s vital for maintaining a relationship.

Get organised and plan meetings in advance

Always knowing when you’re going to see each other next can help keep things exciting, but it can also help make the sting of missing someone a little easier to bear. Plan as many dates in advance as you can and make sure your next meeting is always confirmed. This can also help you get organised, so other events don’t clash with the quality time you want to spend with your partner.

Check in about where things are heading

Long-distance relationships are usually only temporary – at some point, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to get closer together, especially if you want to get married or start a family. Have these conversations when you’re ready to make sure you’re both on the same page and to put some sort of plan in place. There may be some complexities like needing a UK spouse visa or finding new work to get in place before you can commit to being in the same place. Ensuring you both have the same aspirations and aims for your relationship will help avoid disappointment and stop either of you from wasting your time.

Plan some surprises

Planning some surprises is a great way to show someone you care, and there are lots of creative ways you can do this. Arranging for gifts to be sent is simple to do, and you could even arrange some surprise trips for you both to enjoy.

And remember, just because you can’t get physical with each other, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some sexual activity. Phone sex, sexting and even video sex are excellent ways to make up for that physical contact and keep things fresh and exciting. Regular sex can be important in long-term relationships, so try some different things to see what you both enjoy.

Put yourself and your feelings first

A long-distance relationship can be very difficult emotionally. And while you may want to make things work, it’s important to check in with how you’re feeling and ensure the relationship works for you. Putting your own feelings first is important, and if the relationship no longer makes you happy or nothing’s going to change, you may need to think hard about whether the relationship should continue.

Maintaining a long-term relationship is hard, but with some effort, you can make things work. If it’s meant to be, things will work out the way it’s supposed to and you can look forward to a long and bright future together.


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