Here’s Why You Must Buy Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pens from Reputable Brands

A disposable vape pen is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy the mild intoxicating high offered by delta-8 THC. These products provide a pre-measured amount of the cannabinoid, which you can use at your leisure. After all, D8 is now federally legal in the United States, although it is banned in several states. It’s worth noting that 70% of Americans use cannabis to feel relief, pain-free, and relaxed, reflecting the widespread appeal of delta-8 THC as a potential source of therapeutic and recreational benefits for a significant portion of the population.

One of the reasons why some jurisdictions have acted in this way is due to safety concerns over how the compound is manufactured. If you don’t buy your delta-8 pen from a reputable company such as PureKana, there’s a danger that the product won’t contain what you think it does.

This article looks closely at the issues surrounding the creation of delta-8 vape pens and other products.

Delta-8 Is Made in Labs

Delta-8 THC is found naturally in the Cannabis sativa L. plant. However, it is only available in tiny quantities, and from a manufacturing point of view, it is not worth spending so much money to extract such a small amount of product. Therefore, companies create delta-8 by extracting CBD from hemp, then using a chemical process called isomerization to develop an abundance of D8.

Although researchers have known about delta-8 for a long time, the recent spike in the market only occurred due to an oversupply of hemp. With the price of CBD falling rapidly, organizations had to think of different ways to use their hemp surpluses. The result was delta-8, a compound that offers an intoxicating high about 50% as potent as the delta-9 THC found in marijuana.

Unfortunately, the industry is poorly regulated, so you can’t always be sure what’s in the delta-8 vape you bought last week. With little or no oversight, the industry is plagued with bad players keen to earn a quick buck from a booming market.

Few Delta-8 Products Pass the Quality Test

ProVerde Laboratories is a trusted name in the cannabis testing industry, and it has issued a stark warning about the state of the delta-8 industry. It suggests that consumers are currently being treated like guinea pigs.

The ProVerde team used sophisticated testing equipment to analyze the content of thousands of D8 products. It concluded that there are very few legitimate delta-8 products on the market at present. While most items contain some of the cannabinoid, they also consist of dozens of chromatographic peaks the lab’s scientists are unable to identify.

Other peaks correlate with delta-9 and delta-10. Therefore, your delta-8 vape could contain D9, D10, or another unknown cannabinoid!

It is the unknown compounds that concern the ProVerde team. If a product contains delta-9 and delta-10, it is a case of false advertising. Also, the user may feel a stronger high than they bargained for. However, neither cannabinoid is linked with toxic effects.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of amateurs in the D8 industry at present that don’t clean up their reaction products correctly. The result is a slew of by-products and undesirable compounds.

Poor Safety Controls Are Another Big Issue

Since anyone can theoretically try to make delta-8 vape products in a lab, many unqualified companies are trying to complete the process to make a fast profit. As a result, a concerningly high percentage of brands create D8 products without the right reaction safety controls.

When CBD is converted to delta-8, an exothermic reaction generates a huge degree of heat. Consequently, the process should be completed in a controlled environment. For instance, experts may use glycol chillers to help cool the reaction down. Amateurs may only use an ice bath which isn’t nearly enough and could actually lead to an explosion taking place!  

Yet another concern involves the solvents used in the process. Methylene chloride is a popular choice, but it becomes highly dangerous without proper ventilation.

Stay Safe with Reputable Delta-8 Pen Vape Pen Sellers

The information outlined above is highly concerning and are problems that the industry must tackle to succeed. On the plus side, a few reputable companies are selling delta-8 vape pens and other products. They include PureKana, a brand that uses experts to create the delta-8, which comes from CBD extracted from premium-grade hemp. Furthermore, the brand includes third-party lab reports with every batch of products to guarantee their safety and quality. 



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