Take these mobile games away with you on your next holiday

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While most people look forward to going on holiday to escape technology and the trials and tribulations of everyday life, there are times when accessing a technology-based offering is necessary. Although spending money on a trip is usually so we can relax away from screens and immerse ourselves in a foreign environment, sometimes a quick look at a smartphone device is necessary, be it to update friends on social media or to enjoy a spot of gaming. In fact, mobile gaming is massive these days.

Although reading a good book and enjoying some water-based activities is a must while relaxing in a sunny climate, there is no shame in wanting to session a smartphone game to break things up a bit. Many mobile games are designed to be picked up and put down, therefore providing a casual gaming experience that is most definitely suitable for when boredom sets in during a vacation. From well-liked slot games like Immortal Romance to console-quality masterpieces like PUBG Mobile, there are so many mobile games that are suitable for a vacation away. They can be enjoyed for a few minutes or a few hours, too. Let’s have a look at some of them below.

Among Us

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a detective, then Among Us is a game well worth trying. Working in groups, players are tasked with rumbling the killer on a spaceship. After each round, players vote on who they think the guilty party is. Guess right, and you win! With roles being reversed throughout a typical Among Us gaming session, it’s a truly enjoyable release to dive into. Given its global popularity, there aren’t many better mobile games out there right now.

Monument Valley 2

A soothing release given its stunning visuals and strategic gameplay, Monument Valley 2 is a puzzle product where players have to guide a mother and her daughter through labyrinths full of optical illusions and impossible roads. A real challenge on occasions, Monument Valley 2 is a brilliant game.


An iconic game that is perfect to play for a few minutes at a time between your swimming sessions and massage treatments, Tetris is a piece of history from the gaming sphere that can now be sampled on mobile in the modern world. The title is available on android and iOS devices and is capable of keeping you entertained in times of need.

Pokémon Go

get pokemon go

An instant favourite with travellers, Pokémon Go is the perfect game to play while on vacation. Given its augmented reality feature that enables players to explore an outdoor environment as they fill up their Pokédex, take down gyms, and complete a variety of quests, it’s a fantastic release to experience in a new location. It will enable you to take in your surroundings as you hunt down specific species of Pokemon and aim to take down gyms. Despite the game first coming to the fore in 2016, Pokemon Go is still going strong in 2022.

Mario Kart Tour

Another instantly recognisable name from the gaming category of entertainment, Mario Kart Tour is a truly fantastic product to experience on a portable handheld device. Despite lacking the detail compared to console versions, the game serves up the same racing-themed chaos and mayhem that Mario Kart lovers demand. Featuring familiar tracks and characters from the franchise that fans know and love, Mario Kart Tour is an enjoyable game to session.

Other games to download ahead of your next holiday includes Head Ball 2, Candy Crush, The Witcher: Monster Slayer, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Genshin Impact, Alto’s Adventure, and The Escapists.


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