5 Interesting Facts about MOTs You Need to Know

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Having your car put through its MOT can seem a hassle and even unnecessary. However, they are essential for not just keeping your car safe as a motorist but ensuring the safety of all road users in the UK, something that has an impact on everyone. Make sure your car is legal to drive. If not you could fall foul of one of the many misunderstandings that surround MOT inspections.

1. Cars can fail an MOT if their windscreens are chipped and even dirty. Yes, that’s right – all motorists must be able to see clearly out of their car. So, this means mirrors must work properly but also the screen must be devoid of residue. Don’t fail your MOT because you have failed to spend a few pounds on a bottle of screen wash!

2. Many people want to get the full year out of their annual MOT and, therefore, want to book on one the same day as last year. However, you are allowed to keep the current MOT renewal date on your car if you book your inspection early. So long as you are not a month before it is due, you can keep the renewal date as it is.

3. New cars fail their MOTs all the time. You might think that a three-year-old vehicle that is probably still under warranty will sail through its first MOT and, in many cases, this happens. However, about a tenth of all first-time MOTs result in a failure so don’t assume your car will pass just because it is relatively new.

4. License plates must be maintained. It is a little-known fact that license plates don’t just have to be displayed in the correct way but they must be visible at all times. During an MOT inspection, the mechanic must make sure the registration is displayed properly – without bunching up letters and numbers, for instance. Furthermore, dirt that might have built up from the road could result in an MOT failure if it is obscuring what should be visible beneath. Clean your license plates before your next MOT or your car could fail.

5. When the MOT was first introduced, it had to be voluntary because there were not enough inspectors. Today, you won’t be legal on the road without one and could face a stiff penalty. So, if you are looking to get a certified MOT check in London visit Elite Direct and make sure your car is legal to drive.


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