Hang your own wallpaper! The best DIY wallpaper paste products

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The best DIY wallpaper pastes

If, like me, you love the look and feel of wallpaper but feel a bit daunted by the idea of tackling the task yourself, then fear no more. These days it’s easy to decorate your walls with the latest trends in vinyl, embossed, woven and washable wallpapers. There are so many different designs on the market, and you can find the most adorable cartoon wallpaper for the kid’s rooms and it’s a bit like having an instant wall mural!

If you want to add an elegant feel to the adult areas in your home you will find yourself spoilt for choice! The trends and designs are so sumptuous and beautiful that you will find yourself in a completely transformed home. Mastering the wallpaper pastes that you will be using is much, much easier than you may think. Let’s take a look at some of the best wallpapering adhesives on the market.

Solvite Wallpaper Pastes

The Solvite range of wallpaper pastes have been specially formulated to be easy to use, drip-free and suitable for use on a range of wallpapers. This includes the paste the wall types to traditional wallpapers. The range includes several reliable and durable products that can be used by beginners and are truly mess and fuss-free!

Products in the range include:

• Paste-the-Wall Paste
• All-Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive -rolls.
• Ready to Roll Mix

Paste-the-Wall Paste

Paste-the-Wall paste is applied not to the wallpaper but directly to the wall. This make it super-easy to use and very durable. The paste dries quickly and is ready to use in two minutes. It hangs up to five rolls of wallpaper making this a very handy product that is also very cost-effective. It can be used to hang most wallpaper types.

AllPurpose Wallpaper Adhesive

A more traditional wallpaper paste but no less effective and still very easy to use. This extra strong and durable paste mixes in just twenty seconds and also hangs up to five rolls of wallpaper. Its smooth texture makes it easy to apply and it contains a fungicide to stop mould growth. It can be used to hang heavy embossed wallpapers, washables, vinyls and blown vinyls.

Ready to Roll Mix

The Ready Mix bucket is easy to use and pre-mixed for ultra-convenience. It’s smooth texture is very sticky. Most professional decorators love this product for its neat and smooth finish and superior strength bond. It’s as strong as the original powder but in a ready-mixed formulation. It can be used on washables. vinyls, embossed and other papers.

All you need is a brush and roller to apply the wallpaper paste to your wall or the paper itself and you are good to go!

How to add wallpaper to your home

If you’re not sure how to begin decorating with wallpaper don’t be too daunted. It’s quite easy to get the feel of it once you become more familiar with the different colours and textures. Just like matching curtains and rugs to your soft furnishings you can choose your wallpapers to tone in with your décor. Take a look at these 50 brilliant ways to add wallpaper to your interiors!

Decorating the kid’s rooms

Kids love bold and colourful walls and the fun imagery of cartoon paper is perfect for their special space. Check out these trendy cartoon wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

Create a happy mood!

Wallpaper colours, textures and designs can really change the mood in your home. You can create a romantic mood in the bedroom or a cheerful country style kitchen just by changing the wall treatment. Take a look at how to use mood-enhancing wallpaper designs to transform your home.

From the fun and colourful wallpaper designs for kids rooms, to woven wallpaper for the lounge and dining room and classic designs for an office space, there is an unlimited selection to choose from. From bold and bright patterns to neutral naturals and subtle styles, there is something for every taste and using easy wallpaper pastes and adhesives means you can easily hang your own wallpaper without any mess and no experience needed!


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