Will My Carrier Fit My Bobbin Bike?

Bobbin bike is a family-run and independent bicycle brand based in London. They design everyday bikes for customers all across the globe. They serve the needs of all age groups from 2 to 92! 

If you want to explore city life in a fun and exciting way, Bobbin bikes are the best option. They provide a range of bikes that match the different preferences and are ideal for all. 

You are right if you want to fit a carrier basket on your bobbin bike. Many say that bobbin bikes don’t have the space to fit in carrier baskets in the front. With the help of a few tips, you can install the carrier basket on the front or can also have a rear bike seat. 

Will My Basket Carrier Fit My Bobbin Bike?

Carrying your baby along will be easy if you find the best bicycle frame with enough space for the carrier basket. However, finding the right size bicycle frame is critical to ensure a child’s comfort in the saddle and your ability to reach the handlebars or pedals. If you make a wrong choice with the frame size, you may experience discomfort while cycling or even pedalling and steering issues. Click here to find some of the best adult helmets. 

To find an ideal bicycle frame:

  1. Start by taking leg measurements.
  2. Place a measuring tape on the floor inside the leg and measure up.
  3. If you find that there are sizes available, pick the larger one.

This way, you will rest assured that the basket will fit your child even after they grow. That said, you can cycle along with your kid for two to three years. The most popular carrier of bobbin bikes is Front Carrier E. The reason behind its popularity is that it is a perfect fit for all models, including brownies and birdies.

What Size Helmet Should I Get?

Measuring your head is the best way to ensure that the helmet will fit you. Furthermore, different shapes are available in helmets to fit different head types. Know the shape of your head so that you pick the ideal fit. This is also true for children, as age is not a reliable indicator.

The steps to measure your head are listed below;

  • Use a tape to measure the head.
  • Place the tape measure in the centre of your forehead, two fingers above your ears, and at the widest point on the back of your head.
  • Take note of the outcome, and then browse through the incredible helmet selection! Please keep in mind that sizing varies from model to model.

A carrier basket installed on the bicycle makes the journey easy for all. You can either place children in the carrier, or it can be used for groceries, etc. You can also carry your pets in the carrier if you want to. Visit here to find the appropriate kids carrier.

The only thing you need to remember is that if your bicycle frame doesn’t have much space for the carrier, fix a rear seat for your children. The rear seats are designed specifically to carry children aged 12 months to three years or above. 

The Bottom Line

With the help of a carrier basket or a rear seat, you can easily upgrade the seating capacity of your bicycle. Pick the best available option to ensure that it fits your bike perfectly well and causes no discomfort to you or the child you carry along. 



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