Useful Tips to Keep In Mind When Traveling With a Cat

How do I know if my cat is happy?

Cats are practically part of our family, so it is usual to consider taking them with you on your trips wherever possible. Yes, they won’t do anything even slightly similar to what Kevin did in “Home alone” if you leave them for a couple of days, but you will surely miss them. There are many things to consider when preparing for a trip with your furry friend, but we are here to help with a couple of useful tips. 

Can cats travel with you?

The answer to this question is — yes. You can travel with your cat almost anywhere, depending on your comfort with bringing them with you and your pet’s tolerance level. Some cats have been used to accompanying their owners since they were kittens, and they don’t mind it at all. There are others that you suddenly decide to take with you once they are already a bit older, which might be trickier since they don’t have the habit.

If you are a cat owner, you have probably heard about Nala — the cat that traveled the world with her owner. This inspiring story will make many cat owners think, “Can I take my furry friend on my next trip?” The truth is that any cat can be a traveler, and they might come to love it, but you need to be prepared. Keep reading our list of useful tips on preparing for traveling with a cat.

Useful tips to keep in mind when traveling with a cat

Check with your vet

First and foremost, you must check with your vet if your cat will suit your travel depending on your destination and what might be needed. Dispensing on where you are going and what transport means you are using, there might be different requirements that you will have to consider. If you are crossing a border, there will probably be additional checks if your cat has all the necessary vaccines and health checkups. 

Keep in mind that some cats can also feel carsick or not handle any type of transportation well. Especially planes might be very tricky because there will be many people, loud noises and your cat might feel very anxious. This is why you can ask your vet for some herbal calming pills or something that can help your pet with motion sickness.

Bring their favorite toys

Having something to calm your pet’s nerves will be more than helpful. It might be their favorite toys to put in their cage, and this might give them a sense of home that will keep them calm. You can also put their favorite blanket that will smell like home so they can lay on it. The games can be helpful also in your temporary home when traveling. Like that your pet will have something that will remind them of the environment they are used to. 

Take with you enough food

When you travel is good to take with you enough of your cat’s favorite food. Indeed it is easy to buy more wherever you are going, but maybe there won’t be the one that your furry friend loves. Especially for senior cats that are taking traveling a bit harder is very important to prepare the best senior cat food you can. That will help them feel calmer and happy once the trip is over. You can prepare some small snacks for your pet for the travel. 

Book a pet-friendly hotel

Many more pet-friendly hotels now will be happy to welcome you and your cat. Before it was a bit harder to find one, or even if it said pet friendly, they were willing to accept only dogs. Now you can find one suitable for you and your cat in almost every city. But don’t make the mistake of looking for one at the last moment because those are very much in demand and it might be hard to find one. 

Take precautionary measures

You should ensure you are better than just being prepared whenever you go on a long trip. Not only when it comes to food or toys but planning everything that might happen. For example, if you stay in a hotel for longer, your cat might become much braver with time. So you need to make sure they won’t escape out of the door, and you can use any tricks to avoid such unpleasant incidents. The same will apply to keeping the door of the cage and the car closed whenever there is any danger of your pet escaping.

Prepare yourself mentally that it might (will) be challenging

You need to face it — the first trip and maybe even the next ones might be very challenging. Finding the perfect balance of what will be comfortable for you and your pet will take time. Trips that were so easy before now seem like the Labours of Hercules, but they will surely be worth it. The pleasure of taking your furry friend with you and enjoying their company while admiring a beautiful mountain view over the window. 

Wrapping up 

Traveling with a cat can be a challenge, but it can also be a great pleasure. Don’t be afraid to try it out, and you will find your way to make it easier and easier with every trip you take. You will find the perfect destinations where you can have a great time with your furry best friend. 


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