Problems with a car: fix it yourself or have specialists?

It knocks somewhere, something spilled, it leads somewhere – problems with the car are different. Some of them are easy to fix, while others will require the help of a specialist.

Especially if you are traveling in an unfamiliar country, such as the UAE. The Emirates are known for an abundance of luxury cars, including rentals, but finding the best car repairing service center is not so easy. You are unlikely to master the high-quality car repair of a Ferrari or Porsche on your own. And not every car workshop can offer a full range of repairing services, including electronics, and a guarantee.

We determine when you can complete the task on your own and when a car service is necessary.

The vehicle will not start

First and foremost, recall how recently you stopped at a gas station. Some women forget that the automobile has to be “fed,” or just do not have the time.

If the fuel tank is empty, think about what fuel you use. When switching from a gasoline to a diesel vehicle, women frequently pour gasoline out of habit, and the engine, predictably, refuses to start. In the case of such a mistake, you must call a towing service to transport the vehicle to a repair center.

You may also see if the battery is empty. Perhaps you failed to turn off your lights at night? If there are any sympathetic drivers nearby, they will assist you in “lighting up” your car’s engine on their own. In the lack of such help, contact a tow truck.

The vehicle veers “to the side”

The first symptom of a problem is when the automobile starts to jerk, which is typically brought on by using fuel that isn’t of high quality. These issues cannot be solved on their own. Consequently, there is a straight route to the gas station.

Zigzagging to the side when driving is another challenge. Finding the straightest stretch of road and lightly releasing the steering wheel can allow you to check the version. If the slope is coming from a rut, the issue will go away on smooth asphalt. Contact the repair shop if the automobile is still “leading” in that situation. Damage to the tire or brake pads might be the cause, and only experts can address this.

Smoke in the vehicle

If you see smoke, inside or outside the vehicle, pull over and exit the vehicle as quickly but cautiously as you can. You can try to discover the source of ignition and put out the fire yourself if the smoke is weak and you are a bold lady who always has a fire extinguisher in the trunk, but the car still needs to be sent to the service station for examination.

However, it is risky to battle intense smoke and even more flame without outside assistance; it is preferable to get out of the automobile and dial 911.

The car’s electronics don’t work

If the electronic systems (lights, sound, sensors) are not working in the car, check if they are turned on. For instance, most premium-class vehicles have a feature that automatically turns on the headlights as you move from a well-lit region to a dark one, but cars in the medium and lower price range don’t have this feature, so you have to manually switch on the dipped beam.

There are other systems in automobiles that only function under specific circumstances, so if they are not operating right now, there is no need to become alarmed. You must go to the service station where technicians will solve the issue if you are certain that the detectors should function but they refuse.

The car has a strange smell

Try to identify the cause of any unfamiliar smells that may arise in the cabin, such as burning. A poor charger may occasionally be the cause. In this instance, discarding the broken appliance will be sufficient to make the odor go away.

But occasionally, this is ineffective; for instance, if charging “knocked out” the fuses and the electronics failed, you can’t fix it without calling the service.

There is a strange sound in the car

When outside the vehicle, strange noises should be promptly stopped and the cause should be ascertained. Maybe there is no need to be alarmed and the rustling or rattling is being caused by external things. Eliminate the obstruction and move on calmly.

Tapping inside the cabin may also not be dangerous if some objects or parts are loosely fixed.

Contact a professional if a visual examination of the automobile from the inside out does not yield any answers. Perhaps you only need to change the oil, or perhaps there is a much bigger problem, such as worn-out engine parts.


Post by Vital Shpakouski – Philologist with higher education, professional translator, former volunteer and teacher, entrepreneur, and salesperson with 13 years of experience. Now I’m a copywriter in Internet marketing, writing about everything that helps businesses grow and develop. In my free time, I create music and songs that no one hears and take photos and videos that no one sees.


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