Anniversary Gifts She Actually Wants

anniversary gift ideas

Choosing the right anniversary gift for your partner can be stressful! Without receiving hints or straightforward requests, narrowing it down to a gift that she’ll love can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve been with your partner for a while and feel like you’ve already gifted her with your best ideas.

That said, there are a few classic ideas that are winners for an anniversary gift:

A small kitchen appliance

If your partner loves food and cooking, or even would just love a small kitchen appliance to make something of the sort easier or more fun, this makes for a great gift! Kettles and toaster sets, like ones from Kenwood for example, are very useful and if she does not have one or the other, this would be a very appreciated (and useful!) gift.

A spa day 

A spa day always makes for a great gift idea. There’s nothing like gifting someone with a dedicated ‘you time’ thought, and especially if you have kids or are in a high season of responsibility, treating your partner to a spa day where you take care of all the rest at home is a beautiful and thoughtful gift you can give. If you know she wouldn’t love to go on her own, loop in a couple of her best friends for a girls’ trip.

Fine wine

A bottle of fine wine to commemorate your anniversary is a thoughtful gift that you can enjoy together down the road. You can make it even more thoughtful by writing a sweet note that she can open the night that you decide to open that bottle of wine.

A robot vacuum cleaner 

A vacuum cleaner that does the work for you? Yes, please! I think anyone would appreciate a robot vacuum cleaner so you can just let it run and clean up after all the messes! Plus, you can even schedule it to clean on a certain time and day, making things even more convenient.


Jewellery that is intentional and really makes you think of her and you know she would love is a sweet gift that also shows you’re paying attention to the little details. If you know she loves simple jewellery for example, a simple bracelet is a perfect gift to match perhaps a pair of earrings or watch that you’ve gotten her in previous years.

A weekend getaway

Especially if your partner prioritizes quality time and shared experiences, a weekend getaway is a fun gift that you can share together and where you can create new memories.

At the end of the day, your partner will love anything that you gift her with and the most important thing is the thought that you put into celebrating your time together.

That said, do you have any other suggestions to add to this list?


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