A summer bedroom declutter with Very

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Last week I tidied my bedroom. Tidying my bedroom makes me feel like I’m 15 years old because in my mind grown-ups are meant to have the sort of bedrooms that somehow stay tidy. Grown ups put their pants in the laundry basket before they get into bed and definitely don’t leave them on the floor.

*looks shifty*

What I concluded in the process of tidying my bedroom was that I simply have too much stuff in there. I have lovely built in wardrobes, so it’s not like I’m short of basic storage, but there was just so much clutter everywhere, piles of toiletries and books and a large old bedside table with a huge drawer full of cables for phones I no longer have and dead batteries and old plasters.

Rather than just tidying it then, I did a proper sort out. I gathered up all the coins and old hair bands, I threw out rubbish and I filled EIGHT bags to take to the charity shop. EIGHT! I don’t even know how I did that really, I don’t even have a big bedroom. I think it was mainly clearing out the shelves in the top of my wardrobes, which I’d probably not looked at since I had the wardrobes built. This made space for sensibly stored bags and shoes and suddenly the room itself was freed up to become the tranquil oasis of calm that I always want my bedroom to be.

Then it was time for the fun bit.

I’d been asked to team up with Very, who are honestly a bit of a mecca for furniture and homewares. I didn’t realise that as well as lots of own brand stuff they actually carry all kinds of other brands, so as well as choosing one of their lovely rattan bedside tables from the sideboards section I also picked a gorgeous solid oak bench from Cox & Cox and lots of lovely bits and bobs to accessorise with too.

I had a very jolly couple of hours carefully arranging plants and ornaments and I am extremely pleased with the result.

Very sideboards

Isn’t this charming? The faux peonies are also from Cox & Cox at Very and the lamp is from Very too. It creates a lovely soft warm glow that’s perfect for reading murder mysteries at bedtime. The sassy cat ornament was a gift from Belle from a charity shop.

Belle actually helped with the decluttering as I used all of the spare change I found whilst I was tidying to pay her to clean my blinds. I love my huge bedroom window and the white blinds, but I haven’t cleaned them in five years and they were GRIM.

Very lamps

This candle was from Very too. Nothing says ‘tranquil bedroom haven’ like a candle does it? I included a notebook to create the illusion that I’m the sort of person who writes a gratitude journal before bed every night. (Clearly if I can’t even manage to pick my pants off the floor then I’m not that person.)

Bedside table area done then, and time to turn to the piece de resistance, my FEATURE WALL. I always look at Belle’s bedroom, which is so beautifully styled with pictures and plants, and feel supremely jealous, so I wanted to create something like that for myself. I relegated all of the books in my bedroom to the study bar a few favourites and I scoured the house for my favourite plants to include in my display.

This is the result:

Bedroom ideas

What do you think? It’s pretty lush right?? I am absolutely in love with the oak bench, it’s SUCH good quality.

The pictures and hanging spider babies I had already, so I positioned my bench under the pictures and used the plant on the other side to frame it all. The mirror we had already (it fell off the bathroom wall a while ago) and yes, that IS another charity shop cat ornament. This is my favourite charity shop cat ornament because I love her expression. She looks like she’s considering the patriarchy.

Cat ornament

The gorgeous green plant pot on the left was another addition from Very and I love the colour and the texture of it, it’s just perfect. And look at the close up oak! It’s a delight.

Plant pots from Very

I love my bedroom’s new look so much that even though it’s over a week now, it is still tidy. I know, what a shocker! No piles of washing have built up and about half the nights I’ve even gone as far as putting my pants in the laundry basket before I climb under the duvet. (Baby steps.)

Thank you Very for inspiring my declutter!




  1. 7 July, 2022 / 6:55 pm

    So pretty! The ratan sideboard is gorgeous, I’ve never thought about having a longer sideboard next to my bed instead of a bedside table, but now I’ll definilty consider it. Thanks for the tips!

    • Jo Middleton
      8 July, 2022 / 9:43 am

      I absolutely LOVE the bench Lisa, definitely recommend it!

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