Alternative Hobbies That Your Children Might Love To Try

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Kids need to have varied interests. As they grow up, they’ll face many questions about their identity and who they want to be. Hobbies can sometimes help them to find many answers to these existential questions.

Unique hobbies can also help kids establish a stronger sense of character for themselves. After all, while it can be nice to partake in the same activities as peers, having something entirely their own can help your kids touch base with themselves too.

Alternative hobbies provide lots of enrichment. Some may generate more intrigue than others, though. We’ve listed some of the ones that might appeal to your kids most.


Bicycles and skateboards used to be all the rage with children and teens. However, things have become a little more elaborate regarding these types of hobbies.

Thrilling trick and stunt scooters are now on the scene, giving kids using them a new lease on life. These affordable products come in various prices, styles, sizes, and customisable options. Many tricks can be performed, and thus plenty of room to grow with the hobby and nurture it over time. Safety is also the priority, with improved innovations around stability, grips, and handling.

Stunt scooters can also be upgraded over time – we recommend making sure a Neochrome Stunt Scooter is on your must have list – allowing kids to add inflexions of their own personality to their hobby. After enough commitment, your children become athletes, all whilst enjoying a hobby that’s slightly different from the usual.


It’s not an original opinion to say that many kids are potentially spending too much time staring at their screens. Still, not every parent will consider how they could use this to their child’s advantage.

Some research shows that kids who learn to code are also skilled at problem-solving in other areas of their life. If your child ever feels like their interest in tech alienates them somewhat, knowing that they have a myriad of transferable skills to draw on could give them a boost.

Additionally, coding jobs are becoming more common and pay remarkably well. Even if it’s too soon to think about employment, if kids have a hobby that has the potential to give them real prospects, it can boost their engagement and self-confidence. Coding is the future, and if your child can be part of that, it can be very exciting!

Collecting Bullion or Stamps

Bullion and stamp collecting can be an engaging hobby that will capture a child’s interest. Not only are these hobbies fun to engage in but they provide opportunities to explore history and culture as well. Stamp collecting (also known as Philately) can be like taking an exciting global journey without leaving your house.

Each stamp represents a country and era – often depicting significant events, notable people or unique cultural symbols – providing a snapshot into everyday life around the globe. Bullion collecting involves precious metals like gold and silver. This hobby can introduce children to basic economic concepts and investment techniques while teaching them about the worth of precious metals in today’s global marketplace.

Even though this hobby might appear mature, it can be fascinating to track how metal prices change over time. Companies such as provide numerous bullion options and educational resources that allow kids to get started investing. Both hobbies are not only entertaining but can stimulate intellectual curiosity while possibly becoming lucrative investments over time.


Many kids today take selfies and post them on social media. Despite their interest in these types of pictures, they may not go as far as to call it a ‘hobby’.

Of course, there’s more nuance in the photography world beyond the selfie. Social media makes things interesting, too, as professionals in the industry are either anxious or galvanised by it. Irrespective of their feelings, things are changing, and so is how younger people engage with the hobby.

After all, if your child gets into photography, they can have an online platform to showcase their work. They also have various digital tools to help them manipulate the images they capture. Your children might be interested in a certain subject or mode of photography, too, causing them to branch off and develop their art in specific ways. Ultimately, there’s a lot of potential in using photography as a hobby.


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