6 Ways To Save Money When Traveling

save money on travel tips

It is human nature to desire change frequently. We get bored looking at the same things and following the same routine every day. Traveling is the answer to many of our complaints about monotony. It brings you out of your busy schedule and presents an opportunity for a mental repose.

However, not everyone can afford to travel much unless they are smart with money. There are more expenses tied up in traveling than you can imagine. From transportation to emergencies, you have to set aside money for all. Hence, you must save your pocket as much as you can from getting dented. But how? Look at this list of ways we have compiled to help you do this.

1) Choose accommodation wisely

It is no surprise that accommodation makes up a large portion of our travel expenses. Hence, we should make accommodation decisions wisely. Paying too much for a fancy hotel would be a waste of money if you spend the entire day outside. All the extra charges for a poolside and gym would go to waste. Similarly, you would not be wise to settle for a local hotel if you wish to enjoy indoors with a great view. For example, a person traveling to the USA to connect to nature should stay at North Carolina cabin rentals instead of a busy hotel. The breathtaking mountain views will be worth the money if their expectations are met.

Sharing accommodation is a solution for people with opposite circumstances. You can try sharing a dorm or hostel room if you plan on spending more time outdoors. Many online services connect you to people who wish to share accommodation. Using this tip will allow you to pay for only half of the accommodation expense.

Be sure to know all amenities that your hotel provides. There might be a free pool and spa service available at your hotel. Paying to get it done from somewhere else would waste your money. Similar is the case with food. Most hotels provide complimentary breakfast to their customers. Hence, make sure you know what services your hotel offers.

2) Travel offseason

All local businesses tend to increase their prices during the peak traveling season. They trick the tourist into paying more than the actual cost of the service. An advantage that traveling offseason will provide you is lower prices. Local ventures do not have much demand during shoulder season and off-season. A decrease in sales leads to reduced prices. You can benefit from this by paying less for tours, accommodation, and other touristy activities.

However, remember that the weather and atmosphere will not be optimal during the offseason. You will have to make an active effort to enjoy and make the most out of your vacation.

3) Spend your time like a local

You will only be able to gauge the true essence of your vacation spot when you act like a local. Your trip will be much more happening if you spend time with the residents. For example, having tea at a local shop with strangers will be cheaper and more insightful than you think. You can also shop for souvenirs from vendors instead of fancy malls. These pieces will be full of history and culture. They will also be light on your wallet.

Moreover, couch surfing is a helpful modern concept. It allows you to use other people’s homes for sleeping arrangements. It will cost you much less than booking a hotel for yourself. Couchsurfing also means that you will be living in the heart of the city you are visiting. You can act like a true local here and spend the day just like your host spends it.

However, these benefits can soon turn into danger if you are not using this service safely. Make sure you choose the host wisely to ensure safety. Meeting them beforehand might give you a better idea of their intentions.

4) Carpooling

Carpooling benefits many people at once. You can take advantage of this service to save money while traveling. Carpooling services connect you to people who want to travel to the same place as you. The fuel prices can be divided amongst the people in the vehicle.

This service is especially beneficial to those taking road trips to their vacation destination. Road trips require a lot of fuel refills that can be a burden if you are the only one paying. You can easily find people online who want to make the journey with you. The divided fuel costs will be more affordable for all.

5) Hold yourself accountable

It is easy to lose track of where you are using your money while traveling. You can keep a book where you record all expenditures to hold yourself accountable. Adding expenses to the book will help you remember how much of your money you’ve already spent. This shock value will encourage you to stop wasting money on unnecessary activities and products.

Budget calculators are another way to do the accounting for you. These are available online and help you keep a record of your budget. It highlights areas of your budget that need improvement. It also gives you clarity regarding your spending habits. Using a budget calculator will keep you on the right track to saving money.

6) Pack carefully

Packing is one of the most significant steps before traveling. It should be done with great attention, especially when trying to save money. Packing too much can lead to your suitcase exceeding the luggage weight limit. You will then have to incur an extra baggage fee.

Packing less can be a problem too. You might forget necessary items at home if you try to cut down too much. Things like chargers and glasses are needed while traveling. The only solution will be to buy these products abroad. Your carelessness might add to the unnecessary expenditure. Hence, you should find a middle ground when packing. See tips online to help you with this. Also, make a checklist of all the necessary things to ensure you do not forget any.


Uncertainty goes hand in hand with traveling. You can not make sure everything will be perfect even if you plan months before the trip. Having this mindset will be beneficial for the peace of your mind. It will also encourage you always to keep some grace in finances when things do not go as planned. Also, remember that the success of saving money depends highly on your motivation to do so. You might have to learn the art of letting some things go to keep your pocket full.



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