Here Are 3 Ways To Save Money By Improving Your House

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If you’re a homeowner, you probably want your house to look as attractive as possible. However, you also want to make changes and add features that will allow it to function more efficiently.

Some people might not think of a home’s functionality when they first look at it, but energy efficiency matters. An energy-efficient home can definitely save you money on your utility bills every month, and those savings add up quickly.

Whether you’re looking into home improvement loans or decide to use some of your savings to improve your house’s energy usage, there are several ways you might go about it. We’ll talk about some of them in the following article.

1. Programmable Thermostats

Most homeowners understand that if you don’t run the furnace at a higher temperature during the winters, you’ll save money. If you have the thermostat set too low, though, you’ll be walking around shivering in January if you live in a cold climate.

You can upgrade your home with a programmable thermostat. You can set it at a particular temperature during the days when you’re at home, and you can set it to a lower one when you go to bed in the evenings. You’ll be in bed under the blankets at night, so it’s an ideal time for you not to have the furnace working so hard.

You can also program the thermostat to drop down to a lower temperature during the day if you work outside the home. There are even smart thermostats now where you can change the temperature with an app when you’re out of the house.

2. Insulation

You may not realize how much warm air you’re losing during the winter due to poor insulation. Your attic or basement are likely places where warm air is escaping.

You can have an HVAC company come in and do an energy assessment. They’ll look for places where you’re losing warm air when you’re running the furnace. Then, they can use spray foam that will seal up all those cracks and crevices.

You just pay a one-time fee. The foam hardens once they spray it into place, and from that point forward, you will save money on your heating bills.

3. Light Bulbs

Switching out your light bulbs is something you might take for granted, but maybe you’re doing it too often. The old-fashioned type of light bulb is not nearly as long-lasting as a light-emitting diode bulb, sometimes abbreviated as LED.

They can last 20 years in some instances, and they are way more efficient than the old-style incandescent bulbs. Also, LED bulbs do not cost anywhere near as much these days as they once did. You can usually get a six-pack for about $10.

Once you do, you’ll save money each year on your electric bill. If you’re not sure whether LED bulbs are worth it to buy, just look for the Energy Star logo on them. That means they’ve been tested for their long-lasting quality.

Simple Home Improvements Can Save You Money

Saving money by making changes around the house is something that any homeowner will want to do. You will save some significant cash on your electric bill by replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED ones. Getting an HVAC company to insulate your attic and basement with spray foam is also worth it.

You can get a programmable thermostat and set it to a lower temperature when you go to bed or leave the house for work. You might even get one that connects to a smartphone app, so you can change the temperature that way whenever you’d like.

Of course, considering the scope of the project in advance and sourcing your own tools can help unlock your autonomy when performing work in the home, such as finding the best retailer for a large range of bathroom wall cladding and installation accessories.

These are simple changes, but they can save you money and make your home much more energy-efficient.


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