What you Need to Know About Saving Kids’ Art

Belle's bedroom chalk paint collage

If you have a little Picasso in your house then you probably found yourself wondering what to do with all of the artwork that comes in. You never want the kid to feel like you don’t value their work or you don’t care about it, but you can’t keep it. The following are a few tips on how you can handle all of the artwork that comes from your kids without having any negative effects.

Enjoy the Process 

Parents need to instill in their kids the attitude of not being attached to the final creation. Instead, they need to champion the joy of making art. Enjoying the process. This will make it easy for kids to understand that not all they have made can be kept, some will have to be discarded.

Use Your Cameras 

It might sound intuitive but most parents are neglecting the simple act of recording and taking pictures of their kids’ artwork. This not only captures the end art piece but it helps in storing a fun memory on your devices. With the presence of virtual storage systems, you will not have to worry that the digital file will get lost. In addition, having the digital image of your kids’ art helps in decluttering your kids’ workstations, creating more space for newer ideas.

Giving Art Away

As much as they are your kids, they are also part of a bigger family unit. Some of your relatives do enjoy your kids’ creative ideas as much as you do. You can send a few of the art pieces to their grandparents, aunts, and uncles but you need to allow the kids to be involved in choosing which artwork to be sent out.

Art Boxes

Not all kids will be receptive to the idea of either discarding or giving their art away, some will want to keep it all for themselves. For this type of child, you will have to come up with an art box. This is a box that they get to store their art in. The trick is you pick a container that can only hold so much so that they can’t keep everything and they do have to decide what gets kept and what doesn’t. They will find out that older art is easier to get rid of than obviously what they have just created. Then it’s pretty easy to take stuff out of the bottom and decide to get rid of it while creating space for new work.


This can be a fun way of creating art from your kids’ artwork where you get to turn kids art into book. There are two ways you can do this. You can either go for the old scrapbooking design of sticking the pieces on the pages with glue which might turn out to take up a lot of space in the house. Or after you have finished your scrapbook, you can send it out to a publisher who can then print the art pieces and design an actual book.


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