How to Setup a LiveJasmin-like Website Using xCams?

There is no doubt that camming has become one of the most sought after professions for many webcam models around the world. Lightning fast internet speeds, quality camera equipment, and flexibility to work from anywhere have made camming a viable earning option for many. These perks have many asking how to start a webcam business.

Starting a webcam business is very profitable and beneficial as you can earn good money by streaming videos of models, amateurs, and professionals alike. To start a profitable webcam business like LiveJasmin, first and foremost, you would need a robust website for streaming the videos. xCams is one such robust, readymade script that can help you set up a live streaming website like LiveJasmin in minutes. Let’s take a look at what’s required to launch a successful webcam business.

Business plan

For any business to be successful, proper planning and perfect execution of those plans is a necessity. You’ll need to research and learn about the webcam industry to form a plan about how you can go about your business.

Your business plan needs to consist of market strategies specific to your niche, research on customer requirements, in-depth know-how of your target audience, and how you can manage your business more efficiently. A proper business plan helps you be one step ahead of any contingencies on the way.

Business setup

To run a successful webcam business, you will need to set up a webcam studio. Your webcam studio can be a virtual one where all models live stream from their homes, and you facilitate their streams to the audience through your website.

Or you can make a physical studio setup where you will need a space with multiple camming rooms for the models to do live streaming shows. Either way, you’ll need to set up a website to facilitate live streaming.


When you start any business, you need to register it with the authorities under a legal category. Usually, webcam sites register as an LLC(Limited liability company) that protects you from any liability in case your business runs bankrupt.

LLC registration is easy, affordable, and straightforward, making it the best choice for a webcam business. You can customize and scale your business in later stages, depending on how your business works out.


Your camming website will need a domain server to be recognized on the world wide web. The name of your domain should be attractive to catch the attention of users. At the same time, it needs to be simple and easy to remember. Depending on your niche, do keyword research to find out your primary and secondary keywords and name your domain around them.


Your website will be the face of your business, and you need to make sure that your website works like a charm. You can either build a website on your own, which will take at least 6 months and $10000 as the minimum investment, or you can build using many readymade scripts available in the market to build your webcam website.

One such readymade script is xCams by which provides you with multiple features and ways to monetize your website. It is easy, affordable, and robust to fulfill all your requirements for a webcam site. With features like live streaming, payment gateways, a token payment system, individual dashboards, and much more, xCams is your one-stop solution for a successful webcam business.

The setup of xCams is easy, and you can build your website in a matter of one or two days. As it uses tokens as the mode of payment, it becomes easy and convenient for the users to spend on your webcam site and still have no mention of NSFW content on their credit card bills. Earning money through xCams is easy via tips, eCommerce, 1-on-1 private streams, group streams, premium content, memberships, and more.


If you’re dealing with NSFW content on your webcam site, then your privacy policy needs to be laid out clearly. Things like what you intend to do with the content should be clearly mentioned in your contract with the models to dismiss any altercations later on. Make sure to check with the local rules and regulations and implement DMCA on your website to negotiate any copyright issue that may arise.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways are very important for any webcam site. There are many payment gateways available that you can check with and choose the one that suits your needs. If your webcam site is of NSFW content in nature, then you would need a specific NSFW friendly payment gateway as not all allow NSFW content.

CCBill, for instance, is a robust and well-known payment gateway that is NSFW-friendly and has measures to tackle chargebacks. xCams comes integrated with CCBill making it a great choice for your webcam business.

Final Words

So this was all about how to set up a LiveJasmin-like website to run a successful webcam business. There are a few other things that you would need to do after your website setup is done, like getting cam models, marketing your platform, and more.

Remember, any business to be successful needs proper research and efforts to run in a profitable manner. Hope you found this article helpful in your quest to set up a successful webcam business


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