Spring Cleaning in Your Step

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Spring cleaning, spring clear-out and spring sales! This season means that the home can benefit from each of them, and your bank account will be cleared out also. There are simple cost effective touch-ups to your home that can last a lot longer without shelling out copious amounts from your budget.

Here are some ‘spring in your step’ home improvements to consider giving your rooms a bit of light for the sun returning.


Do your walls currently look faded or simply out of sync with the rest of the room?

Generally, when we think of changing a room the colour always jumps out as a major part of the problem. We all want to kick the drab into fab, and neutral colours are the best way to achieve this. No matter what you choose to implement going forward, it will stand much better against a neutral background.

Think of your long-term plans and choose colours that are set to last much longer no matter what future changes you decide to implement.


A little creative interior expression goes a long way to making your room seem fresh and inspiring, especially if it is currently drab and uneventful.

By getting creative with blank walls and creating a collage of family photographs or art pieces you can spruce the place up at relatively little cost. For your floor, you could dispense with the carpet and install luxury vinyl flooring to get some great abstract patterns – especially if you look at the tones provided by the Invictus vinyl flooring brand.

You may think of those vinyl products of yesteryear, but vinyl flooring has come on in leaps and bounds to become a chosen favourite when it comes to interior design. It’s a great choice for durability and has the strongest protective safeguards against stains, scratches, temperature, and water.

A good place to look into vinyl brands will provide you with plenty of food for thought.


Children tend to have their toys out of their rooms and into other spaces around the house.

This can be either you are not ridding yourself of older toys that are no longer played with or you need extra space to accommodate them. Turning one wall into a complete storage space, providing room for books, DVDs, ornaments, and enough space at the bottom to place a chest for those toys is a great use of space and helps to keep things in their place. The children will love having their treasure chests and storage boxes are pretty cheap in the right places.

Spring is a time for a change so why not look into fresh colours. Luxury vinyl flooring such as oak parquet flooring can offer a unique style, as well as making your home look and feel fresh for the season ahead.


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