Celebrating Mother’s Day on a Budget plus New Things to Do With Kids

If you are like most people reading this, you probably can’t wait for the second Sunday of May – when you finally get the chance to make your mom or the mother in your life feel appreciated. But do you really have to spend a lot to make her feel like the most special woman in the world? Absolutely not!

mothers day flowers

If you have a tight budget and cringe at the very thought of spending money, you’re lucky because there are many things you can do for mommy that actually don’t cost much.

Let’s look at a few fun, yet inexpensive, things to do on mother’s day, including when the kids are involved.

5 Fun and Inexpensive Things to Do This Mother’s Day

1. Bring Her Breakfast in Bed 

Whether she has kids or she’s a single parent, nothing can be more heartwarming than waking up to a nice breakfast in bed for mom. It could be anything from homemade omelets with the family, fresh fruit and yogurt, customized cookies, or even something simple like a hard-boiled egg.

While a sumptuous meal could sweep her off her feet, it doesn’t really have to cost a lot. Just make sure to bring something mouthwatering, something she’d consider a special treat.

2. Get Mommy a Flower Bouquet 

It could be a huge bouquet of roses or a single vibrant bloom that she’ll appreciate – either way, it will surely make her day. Even if you live far away from mom, Mother’s day flowers are always a nice touch to get her.

The best part is that they won’t even cost you much, especially if you get them from a florist that offers special deals like discounts and free delivery.

A fragrant bouquet is guaranteed to have your mom smiling and eager to make it to your next dinner date.

3. Stay Inside For a Movie Night 

If mom’s not up for a fancy brunch or she’s feeling a bit lazy, why not treat her to a movie night? You don’t need to spend money on a babysitter or bother a friend to keep watch if you have younger siblings.

Just rent one of those great Mother’s Day movies, pop some popcorn and enjoy the movie while your mom snuggles in with her favorite snacks and beverage. You can also make this a themed movie night with special food and decorations to match your favorite films.

4. Consider Family Outing

Whether you live close or far away from the mom in your life, some sort of family outing can be a great way to celebrate her on the second Sunday of May.

If you want to make it a fancy night out with the family, take her to a nice restaurant for dinner. If you want something more casual, you can take the kids to a fun amusement park or festival.

It could also be a night out in the park for a bonfire or a picnic with her friends. And if you live in the city, how about planning a long walk or a bike ride around the city to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature?

5. Play Some Indoor Games 

Are you tired of watching football? Why not play some of the classic board games that mom likes to play with the family?

You can make it a fun family game night or play the games as a fun outing with just mom. Bocce Ball or lawn bowling can also be lots of fun to play with mom. It doesn’t have to cost much, but it will make mom feel special and you might even have a bit of fun yourself.

Things to Do With Kids 

Kids are often in the picture whenever mothers are mentioned. If the special mom in your life has kids, you can have them tag along and engage in inexpensive activities like the following:

  • Do spring cleaning together
  • Get out in nature together
  • Plan a special picnic
  • Make a fun meal together

To conclude, the list of things you can indulge in on Mother’s Day is exponential, but you now have some solid ideas to consider. In the end, the main aim is to ensure the mom in your life feels special, celebrated, and appreciated. Having the kids tag along can make it even more fun.


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