Tips for Buying the Most Natural-Looking Wig

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There are many reasons you’d want to buy a natural-looking wig, you could just be treating yourself, or wanting to shake up your look.

Wigs are fun and practical and, if you find the right one, no one would notice the difference. 

But finding a natural-looking wig can be quite the challenge. Here are our top tips to help you find a natural-looking wig. 

Find High-Quality Hair

The first, and probably most important part, of finding a natural-looking wig is to find high-quality hair. The better the quality, the better the wig will look. Wigs are made using two kinds of material: 

  • Synthetic Wigs: Synthetic wigs are made using polymers
  • Human Hair Wigs: Human hair wigs are made from biological human hair and are treated with certain chemicals to ensure they last

Synthetic wigs have come a long way from their party-city days. When made correctly, high-quality synthetic wigs can be indistinguishable from real human hair. 

By comparison, human hair is much heavier and reacts more naturally to the elements. This gives it a more realistic look. 

Brands like Luvme hair offer a wide range of fantastic, natural-looking wigs. If you’re interested, check out this detailed Luvme hair review guide that covers everything you need to know.

Choose a Lace-Front

Whether you choose a synthetic or human hair wig, your choice of wig caps is non-negotiable if you want a natural look. Lace-front wigs are a must. 

With a lace front wig, you’ll be able to style your wig as you choose without having to worry about it looking unnatural or fake.  This is because the wig cap is largely made of lace, so when parting the hair, you’ll have a natural-looking hairline and scalp line. 

This maintains the illusion of having natural hair. Just be sure that you install your lace-front properly before parting. If you don’t install your wig properly, the lace on your forehead could lift and ruin the illusion of natural hair.  

Look for Monofilament or Hand-Tied Caps

Monofilament or hand-tied wig caps are essential if you want to achieve a more natural look. The construction of these caps differs from traditional methods because it gives the appearance of an actual scalp when the hair of the wig is parted and styled. 

Each strand of hair is carefully and expertly pushed through the cap and knotted in place by hand. This is an intense, time-consuming activity that master wig makers have perfected, but it truly makes all the difference. Not only does the wig lay better when installed, but it is also much gentler on the scalp than heavy hair wefts. 

But, much like lace-fronts, monofilament wigs are expensive.

And, when combined with lace-fronts and high-quality hair, the price can be hard to swallow. The combination, however, can be breathtaking. Wonderful hair, a lace-front, and a monofilament wig cap are the staples to finding a natural-looking wig.

Pick the Right Hair Color

Another important, but not necessarily necessary step, is picking the right hair color. Once you’ve found your dream natural wig, imagining and planning your new look becomes almost second nature. 

You might always have wanted blonde, brown, or red hair, and now the options are endless! But we would caution you to rein in your horses and take a step back. 

If your goal is to achieve a natural look, you might want to rethink opting for a crazy color. For example, if your natural hair color is dark, then a dark wig would suit you best. If you have lighter coloring, a light wig would suit you best. 

Our advice is to invest in two wigs. One that is a natural color that suits your style and coloring, and the other, a more fun, playful color and style. With these, you’ll be able to switch up your look with ease. And it would give you the freedom to express your personality and style as well.

Buy from a Reputable Seller 

Our last tip, and most important, is to buy your wig from a reputable, trusted seller. There is nothing worse than ordering a wig online and spending a ton of money, only to find that it doesn’t meet your expectations. 


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