Your Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Biking Gear 

Great! After a lot of contemplation, you have finally decided to learn to ride and booked your motorbike training! The next step includes collecting protective gear. It brings one question – what essential gear should you buy to protect yourself from injuries, accidents, and other road mishaps? 

Road accidents are common, and they do not come with a warning. It is better to prepare and protect yourself with the essential protective gear and ensure you are safe while riding your bike on busy or rough terrains. 

Being kitted out properly with the right protective gear offers you safety from elements, noise, and anything that might strike your way. Wearing essential motorbike gear is not only essential for adults but kids too. If you are introducing your little one to the world of motorbikes, ensure to buy good-quality kids’ motorbike gear for them and then teach them to ride. 

In either case, deciding what to wear while setting out on the road may be crucial. Here is the essential protective gear you must include in your kit. 

Motorbike Helmet 

A motorbike helmet is the essential protective accessory to buy. Many countries have introduced strict laws regarding the helmet, and if you are not found wearing it, you may have to pay a hefty fine. 

Helmets protect your head and brain from injury. While buying this accessory, ensure to pick a product that conforms to the suitable regulatory standard. Buy from a reputable brand, check the material and overall construction of the helmet, and wear it even if you are covering a shorter distance. 

Motorbike Jacket 

Just like protection for your head, you need protection for your body too. As a new rider, there are many choices for protective clothing. You can base your decision around the style and look you want while shopping for a jacket. 

Buy a jacket fitted with armour. It includes shoulder and elbow protectors to safeguard your body parts from injuries. Some jackets also offer a back protector, and buying them will always work in your favour. Check the CE ratings for clothing to ensure they are made in good quality. 

Motorbike Gloves 

Gloves constitute an essential piece of the motorcycle gear kit. Thus, do not turn a blind eye to them while shopping for the gear. Choose the ones that fit you snugly so that changing clutches don’t feel uncomfortable. 

Buying a pair of waterproof gloves is a great idea, especially if you engage in off-road biking on various terrains. Check for knuckle and scaphoid protection while shopping for them. 

Motorbike Boots 

Another must-have protection gear you should not give a second thought to buying is motorbike boots. Many new riders overlook the importance of boots, which increases their chances of catching long-term injuries in their feet and ankles. We urge you not to commit this mistake. 

Buy a pair of boots that not only covers your feet but ankles too. Choose dedicated motorcycle boots that offer much more protection in the event of a crash. When you buy boots, some of the features to look for are armour for the inside and outside of the ankle, reinforced toe, and heel. Buy waterproof boots that have a breathable membrane in their construction. 


While riding in a windy or smoky environment, it is essential to protect your eyes. It is when you will realize the importance of goggles. Basic sunglasses are not designed to withstand high impact. They do not fit snugly against your face either. 

Ensure you buy goggles dedicated to motorbiking to enjoy extreme protection to your eyes. 


The aforementioned protective gear ensures that you do not shift your focus on your safety and enjoy riding the bike while they take care of protecting you against the odds of the roads. Shop for them now!  


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