The power of a vermicious knid

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There are certain moments from books that I read as a child that were so powerful that I can still remember now how they made me feel, years and years later.

There was a moment in a Secret Seven book for instance, when they twig that they’ve misheard the baddies and realise that Emma Lane is in fact Ember Lane, and a red pillow is in fact a red pillar box. Suddenly they KNOW and the suspense of it is terrifying and thrilling all at once. I remember having to run downstairs immediately and hug my mum because it was all too much.

I had a similar experience with Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and the Vermicious Knids – evil, carnivorous beasts who roam the universe, destroying everything in their path. The moment where that bank of lifts opens one by one and there is a Knid in each, spelling out the word SCRAM… well, if you’ve read it I’m sure you’ll understand.

Roald Dahl in particular has a way of telling stories that makes you believe, even when you’re old enough to know better. That story in The Witches about the little girl in the painting still gives me shivers. His stories are incredible, but with just enough reality to make you think that maybe, just maybe… Honestly, you wouldn’t believe the amount of time I spent genuinely trying to uncover my hidden powers of telekinesis after reading Matilda.

Roald Dahl at Very

If I was around nine years old right now I would be LOVING the new and exclusive Roald Dahl collection at, available as part of their extensive kids’ clothes range.

Who am I kidding? I love it NOW. If the pyjamas weren’t only available in ages 3-10 I would have the Matilda set ON ME as I typed. You can picture me right?

If I traded my double bed for a single I could even have matching bedding. I’d be quite happy sprawled across this, book in one hand, Opal Fruits in the other. (That was me making a reference to being old.)

Matilda bedding from Very

What’s lovely is knowing how much baby Joey enjoys reading, and the thought of him getting to read all of the Roald Dahl books and to have those moments of excitement and fear and amazement for the very first time. Can you imagine all of your favourite books, if you’d never read them before, experiencing them afresh all over again? It would be ace wouldn’t it?

As well as a 15 book Roald Dahl gift set, the Roald Dahl collection at Very includes pyjamas, bedding, and even kids’ fancy dress. (World Book Day is in March. Just saying.) What’s extra special about it is that ALL of the profits, (which is about 30% of the purchase price on average), is going to Coram Beanstalk, the charity that helps children become readers through a network of volunteers in schools and early years settings and expert support and training for teachers and parents.

Go and check out the full Roald Dahl range at Very now – get some Christmas gifts sorted early and help the little people in your life to create some special book memories of their own.




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