Packing Electronics and Organizing Cables for Moving

how to pack cables

Your electronic gadgets and belongings are the ones that need much care while packing and moving. A slight carelessness may damage the product. Electronic assets are expensive and useful. They serve a lot of purposes that include both fun and work. Today’s digital life is unimaginable without the usage of electronic mediums. This worldwide pandemic has made people of all ages more dependable on their gadgets. Be it schooling or office work; we are bound to use electronic materials more than ever before. Let’s focus on the precautions suggested by the best cross country movers while packing and moving the electronics and organize cables for moving. 

Pack it Right

Well, you need to pack the electronics individually so that you can identify which thing is packed under a particular box. You can write on the box with a marker pen what is in it. This method is helpful when you have many devices occupying one room. Keep corresponding wires and cables in the same box. Warp these pieces with the devices so that you don’t lose track of them. If you are moving a device unboxed, place the device’s corresponding component in a plastic bag. Label it with the name of the device in it. Now place the bag in another box where other items are kept as well. When movers unload the truck, they will place the device and components related to it.

Sort Out the Problems of Tangled Cables

Make sure you remove all the cables and wires from a device before packing. This will not let any damage to happen during the transition. Connection pieces can bend or break if those are plugged in. So, make sure no device is jostled during transit. Zip ties, rubber bands are useful to keep cables from becoming tangled. Tangling is often a frustrating problem while unpacking electronics and plugging a device. Take it one step further and label your neatly organized cords. For a DIY version, apply some creativity with washi tape & scissors. Take some photos with your smartphone before and after connecting. This will help you to remember how to reconnect again after moving. 

Keep Your Chargers Close 

You may want to bring small electronic gadgets like mobiles, tablets, iPods with you while moving. Keep your chargers with you. The charging cable with the power bank should be carried closely along with the devices all time. A backpack or messenger bag is good to carry. This will help you stay organized during a trip. Don’t forget to remove the batteries from remotes. Charge the gadgets before starting a journey. Taking some extra time to organize and pack your electronics is worth it. You are likely to enjoy unboxing things and settling in more when you don’t have a tangled mess of wires to deal with. 

Packing The Cords

The right way of packing the cables depends on the type of cords. Therefore, make sure whether they are fixed, retractable, or detachable. Small kitchen appliances usually have fixed power cords. It is the same for big items such as refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, cooking stove etc. Your Television’s power supply cable is also fixed to the unit. Unplug the power cable from the wall socket. Do not wrap the cord around the unit. It may damage the wire. Instead, fold up the wire carefully in a long and thin loop the same way a new cord is folded. Wrapping with bubble wrap is a safer option. The looped-up cord should not get crushed under any appliance when it is placed into a cardboard box. 

Some More Precautions

Save your important files, photos, documents on the computer. Additionally, you can back up your PC before you pack it. Sturdy boxes are a little larger than electronic devices. Try to use the original packing of an item if it is still at your house. Electronic devices are sensitive to static electricity. Therefore, anti-static packing materials are better. Avoid packing with materials that can scratch your tool. Electronic devices are sensitive to high temperatures. So, there should not be a huge difference between the places a move happens. Keep the boxes unmarked where you put some expensive items such as your DSLR camera, iPhone. This is to avoid potential theft. It is a good idea to wrap electronics with linen and clean paper. This will not let dust go inside the electronic device. Seal the boxes completely with strong packing tape. Cover your belongings with moving pads, light blankets, or sheets for more protection. 


So, these are some useful tips to follow while preparing for moving. All your belongings are precious, but electronic ones need more care, and they are expensive too. Some of the electronic devices are bought once or twice in a lifetime. A good moving company will take your assets to the destination safely. Besides that, you must pack the items in a well-mannered way so that they reach safely. We hope our article serves you better ideas regarding the above purpose and makes you stress free.



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