Healthy Edible Plants You Can Grow in Your Apartment

Just because you are living inside an apartment and not near an allotment, doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your own healthy and edible plants. In fact there are so many grow kits which are available right now which are super easy to set up and within just a couple of months you can have your very own garden, right there in your apartment. Plants are nice to look at of course but they are always better if you can pick some off and use it in your cooking.

Here then are just some of the healthy and edible plants which you could grow in your apartment.


Little Acre mushrooms are the perfect option for growing inside your apartment and they really don’t need much by way of maintenance. The best part about these kits is that you can in fact grow a variety of mushroom types in the apartment, without even taking up much space. Just imagine making your very own mushroom soup or pasta carbonara and picking off a few of your very own freshly grown mushrooms to use.


Wait… we can grow avocados in an apartment? That is absolutely right, as long as you make sure that you get the dwarf avocado variety. If you decide to plant yourself an avocado seed then that is going to take forever to yield anything, and you could go years without your avo toast. If you get the dwarf variety however you will find that the tree shoots up in no time and within a couple of months, you’ll have your very own fruits.

Salad Greens

To anyone who is new to growing plants, salad greens are the best option because they are easy to grow and abundant when they are ready to eat. We all like a bit of crunch in our salad and you can choose from rocket, lettuce, Swiss chard or even spinach. All of these grow from very small seeds, you won’t need a large plant pot and they taste absolutely dishes when you rip them out and add them to the salad.

Mandarin Oranges

Much like with the avocado if you get the dwarf variety of mandarin oranges you will find that you can easily grow them inside your very own apartment. Now these grow on a small tree so you will have to ensure that you have a large pot, so that all of the roots of the tree can be accommodated. The mandarin orange tree needs lots of water throughout the day, and you’ll have to have at least 6 foot of space above the pot. Assuming you have all of this in place however, you can count on some delicious oranges right from your own tree in a matter of months.

There really are not as many restrictions to living in an apartment as you may think, at least not when it comes to growing your own healthy and edible plants.


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