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I’ve been taking a ‘moving out of lockdown’ look at my wardrobe and I’ll be honest, it’s NOT inspiring.

I’d thought that after a year spent more often in pyjamas and tracksuit bottoms than anything else, that flicking through the ‘nice dress’ section of my wardrobe would be exciting, but my overriding impression was not positive. Everything looked kind of old and slightly shabby, as though it was being dragged out of hibernation which, let’s face it, it is.

Items of clothing that once felt new and fresh just feel a little stale. I’m noticing the bobbles on jumpers, the faded colours and stretched fabrics. All in all it feels like time for a bit of a wardrobe refresh, an injection of something new.

But where to start? I’ve definitely felt more comfortable over the last year in jeans and t-shirts, and I don’t want to go back to forcing myself into uncomfortable tailored suits or anything, (like I’ve every owned a tailored suit), but I would like to scale up the casual look for something funky and unique.

I do have a few original t-shirts in my collection already of course, like this one with all of the stationery. You know you’re a bit of a geek when you own a t-shirt with pencils on it. (I also have a dress in a paper clip print. Oh and one with dinosaurs on.)

Enter Tostadora. Tostadora is a really cool site full of cool, creative t-shirts for men, women and kids, and could be just what I need to revitalise my look whilst staying comfy and without losing my individuality.

Obviously I was immediately drawn to the section on the Tostadora website called ‘geek style’ (see above about the paper clip dress), and I was not disappointed. There were loads of really fun and original designs including lots of computer and gaming references.

One of my absolute favourite t-shirt designs from the ‘geek style’ section was this one that cleverly merges the periodic table and Tetris, either of which (obviously) are very cool on their own. I’ve always loved the periodic table – did you see the shower curtain of the periodic table they had in their bathroom on Big Bang Theory? – and the way they blend the two on this t-shirt is just so cool.

I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to wear this? It’s incredible. A true feat of geek t-shirt engineering.

I had quite a long browse in the end and have to say that by the end of my virtual window shopping I felt much more optimistic about my wardrobe options. Sticking with a ‘casual jeans and t-shirts’ look doesn’t have to mean sacrificing colour or originality. You can still have fun, even when you’re keeping things simple. If you’re nervous about getting out and about in public again, then don’t be. Just take a few deep breaths, stick on your best t-shirt and off you go.

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