5 Activities For Kids To Do At Home In 2021

Ever since the pandemic hit its waves last year, it has become essential to keep your kids indoors all the time to ensure their safety from the virus. While keeping them at home isn’t that big of a deal, being stuck for a few months may soon keep them anxious, especially since kids are fond of spending time outdoors.  

For them, being cooped up at home for a long time isn’t a fun experience. Your children’s minds are still in the developing stage. Thus, it’s important for them to keep moving and be entertained with tasks that will encourage their growth and development. Aside from that, keeping your kids preoccupied with activities to do at home will also help you have enough space and time for yourself to focus on your other chores or job. 

If you’re now running out of ideas, here are five activities that you can let your kids do at home this year to keep them entertained while learning at the same time.


  • Let Them Play Learning Games


One of the easiest and safest ways to keep your kids entertained at home is by letting them play games. There are plenty of free games for kids that are available on the internet. Not only are these games for the sake of fun, but they promote learning opportunities too. Some of these games include online alphabet learning, getting familiar with animal sounds and shapes, and many more.  

If you have a preschooler, you can provide him with learning activities and worksheets which center on numbers, animals, colors, and shapes. For school-age children, you can offer them learning activities that center on anatomy, language, and math. Soon, as they become skillful with these learning games, the quicker it is for them to catch up on lessons in schools in the future.


  • Do Some Kids Yoga


Who says yoga is only for adults? Much like adults, kids can also experience stress and frustrations in life which could imbalance their emotions. Thus, the best way to help them find their balance and relax at the same time is through yoga. You might think that yoga is a bit complex to explain to them, but it’s actually about hands-on interaction. They learn best when you put the moves into action while making the experience fun for them. If you’ve noticed that your child is looking forward to your next yoga lesson, it means it worked for him. 

Soon, as you and your child include yoga and meditation in your daily routine, your child will have better concentration skills, more confidence in oneself, and strengthens his mind-body connection as he grows up.

kids yoga


  • Sharpen Their Creativity with Play Dough


It’s not a surprising fact that kids love to get their hands dirty, so why not let them do it? Instead of playing in the soil or real mud, which can be dangerous for their health, you can provide playdough. For a safer and cheaper option, you can follow a DIY playdough recipe and create one for your kids out of the ingredients that you’ll find in your kitchen and pantry. 

Once your child gets a hold of his own playdough, you can watch as he becomes so creative with his playdough. You can let them indulge in this toy while you’re doing your other tasks, or you can join them in the fun and teach them how to create alphabets with their playdough.


  • Let Them Create Their Indoor Fort


Perhaps you had tried creating your own indoor fort when you were a kid. So, why not introduce your kids to how to make their indoor fort? This will serve as their hideaway inside your home. There are a few ways to build their fort, such as using blankets, old tents, and other clothes they can use to showcase their creativity. An indoor fort for your kids will also serve as their own space to become themselves and play whatever they can.

indoor activities for kids


  • Collect Rocks and Paint Them


Kids love picking up anything they find pretty on the ground, including rocks. You can support them in what they do by giving them the freedom to paint on rocks. For safer playtime, you can let them collect rocks from your backyard then bring them indoors for the painting. Watch as your kids become engrossed with painting the rocks and see just how imaginative and creative the kids’ minds can be.

Keep Your Kids Active Indoors!

Now that you have a list of ventures and activities to entertain your kids, you can choose which ones to start. These tips are made to help you formulate ideas, and you can add much more to these. You can be as creative as you want. You can either use basic materials, stimulate their creativity with sticker books, or create DIY things with your kids. You can also utilize the internet and the online world in a creative and educational way. Either way, make sure that the activities you’ll let them do will help boost their motor function and improve their cognitive skills.


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