How to transform your home with personalised stickers and rugs

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Home decor has come a long way since I moved into my first home as an adult.

I remember decorating my living room in about 1998 and the height of sophistication, (in my eyes at least), was adding a vinyl border around the middle of the room. I remember it well in fact – I’d painted the whole room quite a dark orange at the border was one of those sticky, peelable ones from a DIY store – about 10cm wide and a pattern of red and orange squares.

Furniture wise I had two brown, velour swivel chairs, which I’d got for ten pounds each from one of those big furniture centres that sold furniture cheaply to people on low incomes. I loved those swivel chairs and I’m sure they’d have come right back around trend wise by now if I’d managed to keep them in one piece. They’d have gone brilliantly with any of these 70s wallpapers.

I want to say you probably had to be there, but even then I think my interior design choices have always been an acquired taste.

Nowadays though there is just so much more choice when it comes to adding your personality to your home. Personalised stickers for instance have massively increased in popularity and availability, and now if you go to somewhere like you can find a sticker from pretty much any occasion, whether it’s decorating a wall in a child’s bedroom or customising your laptop.

And then there’s vinyl rugs.

I know! I didn’t know they were a thing either! It kind of makes sense though doesn’t it – having flooring that’s easy to clean and hardwearing, especially with children and pets about. My cats are always making a mess, throwing up on the carpet and what not, and having fun flooring that was also easy to maintain would be fantastic.

Vinly rugs can be personalised to suit you and your family and come in all manner of shapes, sizes and designs. I’m thinking something like this might be fun for the corner of my kitchen that’s home to the cats’ bowls and food?

cat vinyl rug

I’m sure I could get Belle on board with it, even though she does have slightly more sophisticated taste than me. (I’ve been really wanting a pair of Crocs recently and I keep showing her pictures of tie dyed, fur lined Crocs for her approval and she keeps saying NO and shaking her head sadly.)

Whatever you have in mind in terms of a home decor revamp, sites like certainly have plenty to offer in terms of inspiration. Adding personalised or quirky accessories is a really fun and affordable way for giving your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank or having the wield a sledgehammer!



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