8 Ways to Add Excitement to Your Love Live

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No one ever complains about the beginning of a relationship – the butterflies, the endless possibilities, the fun in getting to know someone on a deeper level.

The real challenges usually come afterwards…when the mystery wears off, and you find yourself way past the “honeymoon phase”. Being in a healthy, committed relationship can be one of the most beautiful things in life, but when you’re comfortable, it’s easy to fall into a routine that lacks excitement.

But just because you’re in a stable relationship, it doesn’t mean that the relationship needs to lose its spark. If you want to supercharge your love life, we’ve got you covered – let us walk you through eight ways to keep your serious relationship exciting.

  1. Give Each Other Some Space

Part of the reason things get boring is that when you move in together, you’re suddenly spending 24/7 with your partner – leaving no room for them to miss you, and vice versa.

Giving your partner the time and room to miss you is crucial to keeping your relationship fresh and exciting. When you both have your own lives, it not only gives you the time to crave your partner’s presence, but it also lets you load up on new material to talk about when the two of you are back together.

  1. Plan a Fun Trip

After being with someone for so long, you fall into a comfort zone. This may trickle into your life in more ways than one – many couples find themselves closed off to new experiences and adventures because they haven’t pushed any boundaries in their personal lives in so long.

By planning a fun trip – even just an overnight weekend trip a car drive away – or an adventurous activity like discovering a nearby town you’ve never visited, the bonding time will help to release dopamine and getting you feeling good, giving your relationship that extra boost. When planning, make sure to keep in mind your partner’s interests and what makes them happy.

  1. Try Out Some New Toys

You likely already know what your partner likes sexually, just as they know you inside out as well. However, a mistake that many couples make is they stop experimenting in the bedroom, which makes their sex lives routine, and thus lacking in excitement.

A fantastic way to up the fun in your long-term relationship is by introducing some new sex toys that the two of you haven’t tried together. A fun one that we recommend, especially if you or your partner have ever fantasized about a threesome but don’t want to introduce a third person is a squirting dildo – they come in plenty of shapes and sizes for both beginners and advanced players and many of them have suction cup bases. Stick it to the wall and stimulate doggy while your hands and mouth are free to explore your partner…with some new toys in your collection, you’re guaranteed a really exciting night.

  1. Make Out, But Don’t Go Further

Channel your inner teenagers and make kissing a part of your daily life again. Over time, kissing may have just turned into a part of foreplay, or a cheery hello and goodbye. But when was the last time you randomly grabbed your partner, and kissed them like you meant it?

By reintroducing kissing in a deep and meaningful way, you’ll bring up a fresh wave of excitement that takes you back to a different time.

  1. Surprise Your Partner

No one knows your lover like you do. You also likely know exactly how to catch them by surprise, and what kind of surprise they would love.

Whether it’s by throwing on an outfit you know they love, doing your hair a certain way, or planning an activity you know they enjoy, take the time to put yourselves in their shoes. The thoughtful gesture is sure to get those sparks flying again.

  1. Do an Activity from Your Past Together

Take a trip down memory lane and reflect on what things you used to do together when the relationship was still fresh. Was there a certain song you two always listened to? Did you used to enjoy going on bike rides, going to see a play, long drives, or going camping? Revisiting old memories and activities that made you fall in love in the first place is sure to bring old feelings rushing back, including those butterflies!

  1. Have Sex in a Different Location

Changing the location of where you have sex is a great way to add some variety to the mix, and to encourage you to try new things. If you always have sex in the same bedroom, your brain will naturally default to the same moves and rhythm that you and your partner are used to. If you decide to move the fun to the living room, the excitement of a new environment may make you more daring and adventurous.

Try to work the unique environment into the sex, as well – if there’s a bathtub in your hotel while your home only has standing showers, run a bath with some flower petals and have some sensual bathtub sex. The change of scenery is sure to get your creative juices flowing, and depending on the location –hello, backseat of the car– you two may feel naughtier than usual, giving you that extra sizzle that you crave.

  1. Have Sex Like it’s the Last Time

What would you do if you thought it was the last time you and your partner would ever make love? Forget the morbidity of the matter, and focus more on the passion aspect. This could be a fun way to ramp things up in the bedroom, while allowing yourselves to loosen your inhibitions and be present with each other.

Let yourselves get lost in each other’s bodies, and indulge in the steamy experience brought on by deep-running feelings you two share for each other. Often, the best way to create excitement is simply by remembering how lucky you are to have met this person.


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