7 Reasons to Go Glamping

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A treehouse, glamping accommodation

A getaway to a cabin in the middle of the woods sounds like a wonderful holiday to many who wish to escape the hectic nature of 21st-century city living. One more hellish morning commute crammed onto a train or bus, sat in traffic or sprinting down the street post school run, dodging dawdlers with wet hair and most of the mornings breakfast down your shirt is enough to make anyone need some time away. Glamping is the perfect retreat for those that want to reconnect with the natural environment, relax and explore somewhere new, while appreciating the beautiful, secluded nature that often comes with such quirky abodes. Take a look at just some of the many reasons you might consider a glamping holiday in 2019.


Even just a few days away from your monotonous routine will do the world of good for both physical and mental wellbeing. Waking up to tweeting birds and natural light before enjoying a cooked breakfast outside, made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients will clear your head whilst giving your body the rest and recuperation it so needs and deserves. Gentle strolls in the landscapes close to your abode will fill your lungs with fresh air, hundreds of miles away from the polluted streets you may be used to. Those glamping close to the seaside can also make the most of the sea air, alongside the therapeutic sounds provided by the sea. Unlike other holidays that whizz by in a flash full of activities and organisation, glamping enables you to take a step back and simply enjoy the moment, with whoever has joined you, for what is truly a time to relax.


Whilst many will envision damp tent canvases, long walks to the toilet block and uncomfortable, rock-ridden floors, glamping could not be further from the traditional camping experience. Most abodes come well-equipped for a relaxing break, including king-size double beds, soft and thick duvets, a fireplace, bathroom and kitchen facilities and even, in some cases, a private hot tub! Despite the seemingly nondomestic natural environment that surrounds you, glamping abodes are far from basic and most offer the same that of a five-star hotel – without the possibility of noisy neighbours! Those who are lucky enough to be glamping with a hot tub can enjoy a relaxing soak at the end of a long day of exploring and it’ll be soon be difficult to imagine life without a hot-tub.  

Great views from the hot tub

Reconnecting with Nature

Glamping abodes are traditionally located in secluded, beautiful areas away from busy streets, roads and town centres. Whilst most will have Wifi for those that simply must update their Instagram story, glamping provides the perfect opportunity for a digital detox and putting on that out-of-office reply is essential so that you can truly enjoy your surroundings. The owner of your abode will be able to advise of the best walking trails close to where you are and there’s sure to be plenty of undiscovered hidden gems wherever you are staying. Wonder for hours along a trail without seeing a single soul, leave your phone at home and enjoy the rare opportunity to have the world’s natural playground to yourself for a few days.

Alfresco Dining

The majority of glamping abodes come equipped with a decking or a seated outside area that’s perfect for alfresco dining. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three! Even if the weather is slightly on the chillier side, wrap up in one of the comfortable throws. Now tuck into whatever storm you’ve cooked up, either on the fire or in the kitchen, and make the most of whatever views extend out in front of you. The opportunity to eat outside rarely presents itself when you’re at home with lots of things to do and perhaps less than favourable views, but you can make the most of the lack of responsibilities whilst glamping and eat outside ‘til your hearts’ content.


The need to look after our planet has never been more prevalent and each one of us needs to do as much as we can to be environmentally-friendly. Glamping in the UK means that your travel is reduced tenfold and, in most cases, you won’t need to board a plane to reach your chosen destination. There are even a selection of abodes, known as ‘Ecopods’, that are specifically designed with the environment in mind, with every aspect accommodated towards reducing your carbon footprint. This makes it a guilt-free holiday that you can enjoy safe in the knowledge that your break isn’t at the sacrifice of the planet.

Example of an ecopod


When was the last time you saw the clear nights’ sky? Or spotted a shooting star? Towns and cities all over the UK experience light pollution, which makes seeing stars a rarity at best. The ‘middle-of-nowhere’ nature of most abodes means you get front row seats to an evening of star-gazing, and you don’t have to drive for miles to find a suitable spot! Take your duvet and blankets outside with a hot drink and gaze up at the beautiful nights’ sky for the ultimate relaxing night time activity.


Whether you’re glamping alone, as a couple or with your family, there’s so many activities to keep the whole family busy during your time away. From walks and hikes, to treasure trails and den-building, there’s so much to see and do when you’re spending time in the countryside. The best part? Most of these will be completely free and will deliver just as much enjoyment as an expensive day at a theme park while ensuring that spending money during your holiday is kept relatively low.

That concludes just seven of the many reasons to make your next holiday, a glamping one. Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about all of the many benefits you can get from a glamping staycation in the UK and you’ll soon be looking at how you can book one of your own before the end of 2019!


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