Low-carb Diet Might Kill You Early: Be Aware

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Author: Alan Rada

What if I tell you that a low carb diet can bring you some unexpected consequences? Currently, there are many medical studies on all types of diets and how they are assimilated by our body; always depending on the context, obviously.

We all know that there are diets with medical bases according to different studies of this type, as well as diseases in general where the of daily food intake can condition the organism for one or another thing. Worse yet, many times wanting to do well, we do things wrong without realizing how bad they could end up for us.

We can cite some diets that are simply inventions of people for whom it is possible to work. But I do not think your doctor will advise you to do the “moon diet” for example. Do we agree?

Let’s talk a little more about the main topic of this reading. We present the concepts of this new study, which although it may not be entirely surprising, helps to become aware when it comes to worrying about our well-being. Do not fumble like a rookie on this – a good diet is key!

Medical Base Study

The analysis and research were carried out by Dr. Scott Solomon, who called it “the most comprehensive study of carbohydrate intake ever conducted“. Solomon is Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Women’s Hospital. He has enough experience to take him seriously.

This research was published in The Lancet Public Health, indicates that a diet, either rich in carbohydrates or directly very low can shorten life for four years. On the other hand, diets that contain a certain amount of carbs can prolong some years of life.

The data analyzed for this study were collected from 15,000 middle-aged people, who in turn participated in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study as well. These dietary patterns and results were also compared with studies that were carried out in more than 20 countries with almost half a million participants.

Especially women have to consider that carbohydrates are part of the 3 main macronutrients, along with protein and fat.

Low-carb diets of animal origin, or the replacement of carbs with protein and animal fat, may be more exposed to a higher risk of death compared to diets that replace carbohydrates with foods of vegetable origin.

So if you want to increase your lifespan, keep these studies in mind, and if you have more doubts about it, you can always talk with your nutritionist, especially if you want to lose weight and have a healthy life, without forgetting the physical activity.

Dietary Carbohydrates Categories

Carbohydrates can be divided into three main groups:

  • Fibers
  • Starches
  • Sugars

We must bear in mind that carbohydrates have a primary role in our diet since long ago. The main objective of carbs is to give energy to the body so that it functions according to our needs. So, of course you won’t eat the same if you are an athlete competing into a team among the NFL Superbowl favorites, or if you instead spend your days laying down like a couch potato.

Many times, this “energy” is not consumed completely by the organism, leaving us some more to use it later. Remember carbohydrates are not the direct cause of weight gain or obesity.

Healthy Carbs Bad Carbs
Tubers Fruit juices
Vegetables Sugary drinks
Seeds Candies and chocolates
Nuts Pastries, cookies, and cake
Whole grains French fries and potato chips
Legumes Ice cream
Whole fruits White bread


Bottom Line

Eating with moderation and being aware of what we eat and put aside, is the most important thing to have control over our body and at the same time about our mood. If you are not physically well, it is possible that your unconscious wants to tell you or warn you about something that is not right.

You already know, if you want to extend your lifespan, always have to be alert about the excesses or lack of food that can create some eating disorder. The mind controls the body.

With a good diet and physical exercise, you’ll be happier!


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