Vehicle & Tyre Care Tips – Drive Safe With Family

Tyres on the drive honest review

When it comes to  travelling with family, safety is one of the most important aspects we look at. No one wants to end up being stranded on the road with their kids, hence having a proper look on the vehicle maintenance checklist is very important.

The post will highlight main vehicle maintenance checks that you can carry out on your own before leaving your home for a long trip.

Look at the battery

You should always look at the car battery before planning to go on any long journey. While driving it is always better to use less  electric components that are not required like air conditioning, seat warming facility and even heated rear screen. All these electric facilities put extra load on your battery taking its energy away and putting excessive pressure causing it to flatten. Therefore use only required electric components while driving. Another thing to note is that it is always recommended to start your car for a few minutes if it is used less frequently especially during winters, so that it gets proper electric charge to run.

Don’t Neglect the tyres 

Many motorists ignore inspecting their tyres before leaving which is a major mistake they make as tyres play a very important part when it comes to vehicle performance, fuel efficiency and its speed. Taking a look at tyre tread depth and tyre pressure comes as a major tyre inspection check. If you want your tyres to have a strong grip on road and not to slip you need to have a tread depth that protects the outer layer of tyre from any damage, between 2mm-3mm. This level will make your tyre stronger and will help you have a smoother drive on the way. Another very important thing is checking the tyre pressure levels. If you do not want your tyres flattening, you need to make sure that they have proper air pressure in them. You can easily check pressure level in tyres through a portable measuring pressure gauge that will tell you whether the pressure in tyres is up to adequate level or not. If your tyres are worn out, you should quit using them and get them replaced. Let’s say if you are in Yorkshire and you are looking to get new tyres in Dunfermline, there are many options available. For example, a good recommendation to get tyres in Dunfermline is Fife Autocentre.

Look at your Windscreen

While travelling it is very important that your road vision remains clear, for that your windshield should be chip free. Scraps and scratches might damage your windshield especially in winters during hailstorm heavy rain or snow. You might not notice it early but visible signs of damage will get more prominent while you are driving the car. To avoid this situation and have a clear road view you need to carefully check if you need your windscreen fixed or replaced, if that is the case then you should fix it earliest possible time to avoid any driving halt during a trip with your family.

Look After Your Car

Finally, it is essential when you own a car that you look after it both on and off the road. When you are driving around with your family in the car, the last thing you want is to be involved in an accident. Keeping your family safe is paramount, getting the best car along with high-quality child care seats will help in the event of an accident. If you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault then you can seek the help of a car accident lawyer. They will take a look at your case and any damage that has been caused and get you the help and compensation you deserve.


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