Spring Fun with Great Food Ideas

Homemade vegan hot cross bun recipe

When spring is here, it comes with the celebration. Whether it is about celebrating love with your partner or enjoying delicious homemade hot cross buns at Easter with the whole family, spring gives reasons to have a great time after a long cold winter. On Valentine’s day lovers flock to show and express their love for their special ones and Easter allows spending lovely time with family and friends. When it is about to come, many people start preparing surprises in many ways which help them to exhibit their unrelenting love for their special ones.  They have many things to decide, ranging from giving presents and surprises, deciding what to eat, and what to wear.

To celebrate Valentine’s day or Easter, you should think something out of the box and do something that can be memorable not only for you but for the family as well. Many people go out to fancy restaurants to celebrate, but what could be more romantic than preparing or ordering your favorite dishes online ( from Sun Basket for example ) and surprising your loved ones with the beautiful set up at your home. Well, this will not only be simple and doable but also memorable. Here are a few tips to strengthen the family bond you have, to find new love, to rekindle an old flame.

  1.       What should you have on your menu?

Well, when it’s about spring season, the menu must consist of the favorite food of your close ones. It should reflect how you feel for them. You should put together an elegant and sumptuous dinner to entice your significant other’s taste buds. When it comes to a celebration like an Easter party, don’t hold back, buy delicious and good value pre-cooked meals from Sun Basket or ingredients from Sun Basket to prepare dinner on your own. Do everything that you don’t do on a normal basis. Choose something that can show your significant ones that you put a lot of effort and time into them that is special and well planned out.

You can even serve different finger foods instead of dinner. It would be a unique idea and will allow you to enjoy a good time being in each other’s presence. To get in the mood for enjoyment in spring, almonds, chocolates, strawberries, avocados, asparagus, etc. can be the best choices.

But be cautious while choosing food as it is a spring celebration where you will sit, talk, and spend time together. Make sure to stay away from food that sends hauling for the breath mints.

  1.       How to prepare dinner

If you have decided on preparing a meal for dinner, you will find many Easter Dinner Menu Ideas. But to make this celebration spesh, nothing can go past Italian cuisine which is truly scrumptious. There are a variety of options from Lasagna to tiramisu, cannolis to cannelloni.

Below are the instructions to prepare Lasagna:

  •         Gather ingredients including Lasagna noodles, marinara sauce, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese, a small tub of ricotta cheese, minced cottage cheese or mushroom, and vegetables of your choice.
  •         Soften the noodles by boiling them in a pan.
  •         Create layers out of the softened noodles, cheese, and minced cottage cheese or mushroom, and vegetables like spinach.
  •         Now bake your dish at 350 degrees for half an hour or just wait for the cheese to turn golden brown on top.
  •         Prime the dish with sauce and cover the noodles. Your Lasagna is ready to serve.

When you have a proper meal, there should be something as dessert to complete your dinner date. Cannolis would be the best dessert after delicious Lasagna. There are options available for this dessert, you can go for one that contains ricotta, goat cheese, sugar, orange peel, and pistachios or another including vanilla or chocolate custard, or ricotta cheese mixed with coffee liqueur.

And that’s how you will end up having a great dinner that fits your tastes and shows your affection for your significant ones in your efforts.

  1.       Communicate while sipping wine together

We all know, communication is vital for maintaining a good relationship. When you are sitting with your family and communicating at a dinner table, good wine can make it more special. Go for classic wines like Port and sherry when there are white chocolates to enjoy with. You can even find a myriad of unique and traditional wines customized for Valentine’s day. If you choose this amazing combination of chocolate and wine, then your dinner with family or friends will certainly be thrilled, and your night will become the gastronomic pleasure you have indulged in.

  1.       How to make it a healthy surprise

If your buddies are health-conscious people or fitness enthusiasts, you would want to ensure that they get the best surprise as per their likes and dislikes. We have healthy ideas for spring foods. A little bit of knowledge of food alternatives and preparing them can make you enjoy this festivity to the fullest. When there is a problem with baked and fried snacks, replace it with a tray of fruits and salad topped with your peer’s favorite cream cheese for good flavor.

When talking about the main course, you can cut calories by choosing healthy ingredients and that mostly means low-fat ones. There is no harm in sacrificing a bit of taste by going for some light cream instead of heavy. Apart from this, you can avoid using much salt in your dishes if you add just a little bit of seasoning to highlight the flavors.

  1.       Celebration with little ones

Those who have kids can add their little ones to the celebration as well. Just let them help you cook food for the evening, you should cook some pizzas and fries for kids too. It would be a memorable event for each member, and they will always remember that preparation was very much fun. This way you will get the opportunity to express your love to the whole family. Easter preparation and party can keep the love growing within your family.

There is no denying that making a meal that you and your family enjoy is important, but it is not as important as cherishing the great memories you create and the lovely time you spend together. 


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