Online Bingo: The Psychological Rewards


The images we have of traditional bingo are difficult to reconcile with the game as it’s played today. Pensioners in draughty bingo halls, hunched over their cards and armed with coloured dabbers have become a thing of the past. While bingo halls still exist, they are in decline, with venues shutting every year. But the game itself has never been more popular.

This rise in popularity has been driven by the online market. Bingo, along with other games like slots and poker, has found itself a new home on the internet. The rapid development of new technology has meant that playing games online, via a computer or a mobile device, has become a normal part of everyday life and made casual gamers out of all of us.

The mobile bingo industry has experienced a huge growth in recent years.

Online bingo appeals to players for many reasons:

  • It is easy to play.
  • While it isn’t free, bingo cards can cost as little as 1p.
  • It isn’t viewed as negatively as other forms of gambling.
  • Games are truly random, and all cards have an equal chance of winning.

Bingo Benefits

Playing games online can have many benefits which might surprise you. When you do something you enjoy, whether that’s reading a book, taking a walk, or playing a game, it can reduce your stress levels. While some types of games can make you more stressed – especially if they are too difficult or involve a strong competitive element – bingo is the opposite. The simple, repetitive task of crossing off numbers is relaxing, and you don’t need to worry about missing any or making a mistake because if you do, the software will automatically correct it for you. This makes online bingo a very relaxing option and a great way to unwind in the evening.

Bingo can be used to unwind

Online bingo also provides a much needed social element through its online chatrooms. Talking to people about something other than work issues is vital for your mental health, and what could be better than a chitchat while playing a relaxing game? You can arrange to meet friends in the same room and chat together or make new ones by engaging with strangers.

Because online bingo is a casual game – it can be picked up and played for any amount of time, without the stress of having tasks to complete to win or advance – it is easy to fit in a few games at any time of the day. Some people like to play during their lunch break or use it as a way to pass a journey or a period of waiting time, such as at the hairdresser. For some, having unproductive periods with nothing to do can cause anxiety, and being able to play a quick game or two of bingo can really help them to stay calm.

How Bingo Has Changed

Bringing bingo online has allowed the game to evolve, and now providers are able to offer a huge variety of different game styles. This is great for players as it means they are always able to find a game that suits them. For really great variety, check out online bingo at 888 Ladies. With more than 20 different bingo rooms, including 90-ball, 75-ball, 52-ball, and 5-line games, and players have plenty of choice. There are also fixed jackpots, mystery jackpots, and progressive jackpots to keep you interested.

Another thing that stands online bingo apart from its bingo hall counterpart is the ability for operators to offer welcome and loyalty bonuses to customers. Everything from deposit bonuses to free plays are available to entice new players to join up and give the game a try.

Because the marketplace is saturated with online bingo operators there are always some really juicy offers about. But remember, some websites are run better than others, and if an offer seems really tempting and almost too good to be true, it might well be. If you want to give online bingo a go, make sure you do your research and choose a site that is well recommended by industry experts and other users.

The New Bingo Generation

With the transition to playing online, bingo has rebranded itself to target a different audience. Back in the 1960s, bingo was a game played by young adults looking for a fun and safe place to socialise, but as the years went on it became associated with an increasingly older generation. But now, online bingo has been reclaimed by younger players. This is mostly because they are more technologically savvy and therefore able to access the sites and apps needed to play.

Almost two-thirds of online bingo players are female, and the majority of all players are under 45. It makes sense when you think about it – these are the people working and/or raising families and dealing with a lot of stress in their lives, something which online bingo can help to relieve.

In Summary

Playing online games, including bingo, can help you to relax and become less anxious. Doing any activity, you enjoy will lower your stress levels, but because online bingo also lets you chat to other players, you get a rewarding psychological boost from the interaction as well. Because you can play on mobile devices, this stress-busting activity is available anytime and anywhere – helpful for those periods during the day when you need to get away.


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