What Renovations Projects Mothers Should & Shouldn’t Focus on in 2021

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If you’re a single mother — trapped in close quarters with your children and juggling parental duties with working duties — then you, like many others, may be feeling the itch to relocate.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have shifted toward a permanent work-from-home environment, causing many to opt to relocate in order to be closer to family or to profit from lower housing costs now that commuting isn’t a factor. In fact, 14.5% of realtors believe remote work will be the biggest influence on the housing market in 2021.

Not to mention, the whole country is doing their best to quarantine at home, which means families are feeling trapped in close quarters, desperately seeking more space. If you’re a single mother, you may already be feeling a calling to move and give your family a bit more room.

The result? Buyers are surging to the market. Before joining in to reap the perks of buying in the new year, you might want to consider some minor renovations in order to profit favourable in this ever-adapting market.

What renovation projects to avoid or take on

As a rule of thumb, don’t take on more than you can chew. Many people aim too high in their home renovations and often don’t receive an appropriate return on investment.

For example, top real estate agents saw many people taking on huge projects in 2020 — like installing a new pool, creating a home gym, or converting a room into a home office. These huge renovations may seem appealing, especially now that buyers are looking for similar entertainment-driving amenities, but the investment will ultimately outweigh the return.

Instead, focus on the kitchen and baths. Kitchen renovations normally have a very high return on investment, and real estates agents dub kitchen islands, walk-in pantries, and kitchen storage space as the top 3 amenities buyers are looking for in 2021. For baths, something as simple as adding a double vanity will attract plenty of buyer attention.

Another place to focus your renovations? Outside. Now that people feel locked away in their own homes, buyers are seeking desirable outdoor spaces. Adding a fire pit, privacy fence, patio space, or outdoor kitchen will have buyers knocking on your door when it comes time to sell.

Home improvements that won’t break the bank

As a single mother, you might not have the savings for huge renovations, nor the time. Updating your curb appeal is a relatively cheap endeavor that’ll give buyers a great first impression of your home. Tasks as simple as repainting the front door, buying prominent house numbers, planting some flowers, and mowing the lawn will surely have potential buyers looking twice.

In addition — if you decide to do nothing else inside — make sure to deep clean, declutter, and depersonalize. On average, deep cleaning and decluttering your home adds $1,728 and $2,584 in value respectively. The best part? All of this can be done free of cost so long as you have the time and motivation!


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